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Titan Times 2018 – Clean Energy, Large Projects, Company Expansion
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Titan Times 2018 – Clean Energy, Large Projects, Company Expansion

In its Titan Times 2018 Year in Review magazine, Titan Environmental delivers a strong account of geosynthetic growth for its company and the geotechnical field in general. The increasing scale of projects, the furthering of material technology (e.g., concrete reinforcement geogrids), and the opening of new facilities tell a story of a very active company and of how the civil engineering community... »

Educate the Educators - IGS

ACIGS Bringing IGS Educate the Educators to Australia

The International Geosynthetics Society’s Educate the Educators program has had a substantial and beneficial impact on college-level geotechnical and civil engineering programs. EtE workshops provide high-caliber professional development and resources for professors and instructors to incorporate geosynthetics into their curricula. The endeavor is essential, as too many young engineers enter the f... »

Geofabrics Earns Australian Export Award for Environmental Solutions

Geofabrics Earns Australian Export Award for Environmental Solutions

Congratulations are due to Geofabrics, which has earned a 2018 AusTrade Australian Export Award for Environmental Solutions. The company, which manufacturers geosynthetics and provides supply and design support for a wide-range of applications, was officially recognized at a ceremony in Canberra on 27 November 2018. The Australian Export Awards (AEA) is a national program that recognizes Australia... »

GeoEngineering Centre

IGS North America Extends Service Award Nominations to December 3

The North American Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS North America) has established an Excellence in Service Award to recognize members who have shown outstanding leadership and dedication to the objectives of the chapter or the geosynthetics industry. The inaugural IGS North America Service Award (or awards) will be issued at Geosynthetics 2019. The event, to be held 10 – 13... »

Select Abstracts from the Berlin 2 Geomembrane Workshop

Select Abstracts from the Berlin 2 Geomembrane Workshop

The Berlin 2 geomembrane workshop, held 26 September 2014 in Germany, gathered engineering experts from around the world and who represented multiple perspectives in geosynthetics. The goal was to develop a protocol for better anticipating the end of life–to define end of life–for an exposed, high-density polyethylene geomembrane that is actively in service. Read more about the origin ... »

Berlin 2 Geomembrane Workshop

Berlin 2 Final Report Seeks End of Life Protocol for HDPE Geomembranes

Immediately following 2014’s 10th International Conference on Geosynthetics (September 2014, Berlin), a high-level, one-day workshop on exposed HDPE geomembranes convened at the headquarters of BAM, Germany’s Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. The event (Berlin 2) brought together field luminaries who represented not only the international practice but multiple perspective... »

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