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Bunch Brings Utilities Expertise to ESI's Project Management
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Bunch Brings Utilities Expertise to ESI’s Project Management

The largest contracted installer of geosynthetic lining materials in the United States, Environmental Specialties International, has added Ryan Bunch to its team as Project Manager. Bunch brings something quite unique to ESI’s project management approach: 14 years of gas and electric utilities expertise. It’s a client perspectivethat will continue to build on ESI’s project communication and execut... »

Oil and Gas Pipeline Protection - Solmax RockArmour
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Solmax Enhances Oil and Gas Pipeline Protection

Through a partnership with Rock Armour LLC, Solmax is furthering its presence in the oil and gas market. The company has unveiled an innovative rockshield pipeline protection solution for midstream oil and gas assets: RockArmour™. The conductive geomembrane material is designed to shield pipelines from rock impact damage during backfilling and soil disturbance after pipeline installation. The syst... »

MoDNR to Host September CQA Week Courses

Register Now for Essential Containment Systems Courses

When CQA Week attendees gather in Austin, Texas 7 – 12 April 2019, they’ll have four high-end courses to choose from and two key certification opportunities. Two of the courses in particular are helping add containment systems expertise to the field at a time when more professionals are needed to support the demand: Liner Integrity Survey / Assessment Training (April 7) Slope Stability... »

New Short Course: Slope Stability of Containment Systems

Geosynthetics CQA Training and Certification Events – April 2019

TRI Environmental will host four geosynthetics CQA training courses and two certification opportunities 7 – 12 April 2019 in Austin, Texas. The events are part of the next CQA Week. Construction Quality Assurance experts in projects utilizing geosynthetics ensure the effectiveness of the materials and their role in providing long-term service lives and economical performance. Major infrastru... »

Solmax Unifies Its Global Identity under One Name
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Solmax Unifies Its Global Brand under One Name

When Solmax announced its acquisition of GSE Environmental in December 2017, the geosynthetics field and containment market professionals were unsure of how to interpret the move. Both companies were seen as giants in the world market, but GSE was perceived to be the larger entity. While they both had similar corporate cultures from a quality and innovation perspective, they had developed their ow... »

ClosureTurf Final Cover Systems from AGRU America

10 Years Ago, Watershed Geo Significantly Changed Closure Applications

A decade ago, options in closure applications changed dramatically with the debut of two unique systems: one was an exposed membrane with thin-film photovoltaic (solar energy) cells adhered to the membrane surface; the other combined geomembrane and synthetic turf layers. Both systems provided green engineering benefits, strong stormwater shedding performance, and long-term cost savings. Only one ... »

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