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VIDEO: Geomembrane Secures USACE Levee Breach Test Facility
USACE_Owens_RhinoMat_650w USACE_Owens_RhinoMat_Install_650w USACE_Owens_SitePlan_650w

VIDEO: Geomembrane Secures USACE Levee Breach Test Facility

The United States Army Corps of Engineers controls more than 14,000 miles of levees. An additional 85,000+ miles of levees are privately owned and operated. To help improve strategies for preventing or responding to levee breach scenarios, USACE has constructed a Full-Scale Levee Breach and Hydraulic Test Facility in Vicksburg, Mississippi. A reinforced composite geomembrane lining system from Owe... »

EXCLUSIVE: Video Interview with Solmax on GSE Acquisition

EXCLUSIVE: Video Interview with Solmax on Acquiring GSE Environmental

Geosynthetica’s Elizabeth Peggs sits down with Solmax Inc. President Jean-Louis Vangeluwe to discuss the company’s bold move in acquiring GSE Environmental. The move brings together two of the most well-known international brands in geosynthetics manufacturing and engineering. Watch this interview to hear directly from Solmax about when interest in the acquisition developed, the challe... »

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Chungsik Yoo and Erol Güler Discuss Underground Construction

VIDEO: Chungsik Yoo and Erol Güler Discuss Underground Construction

At EuroGeo 6, the International Geosythetics Society recorded one of its “Two for a Few” installments, which brings together field experts for brief talk on a high-level issue. This time around, IGS Vice President Prof. Chungsik Yoo and IGS Council Member Dr. Fazli Erol Güler sat down to discuss geosynthetics in underground construction. Dr. Güler opens the 9:00-minute conversation by asking Prof.... »

Image of geogrid interaction flexibility in soil - HUESKER
InteractionFlexibility_Huesker_650w InteractionFlexibility_Huesker_b_650w

Defining Interaction Flexibility for Geogrid-Reinforced Structures

By HUESKER – Key properties in effective geosynthetic reinforcement are adequate tensile stiffness and tensile strength coupled with good interaction behavior. The relatively new technical term interaction flexibility introduces a previously disregarded aspect: the flexibility of the geogrid in a reinforced structure. This property has been shown to improve the interaction between soils and the ge... »

VIDEO: Reduction Factors for Creep Rupture Behavior of Geosynthetics
CreepRupture_Video_Huesker_650w CreepRupture_Video_Huesker_b_650w

VIDEO: Reduction Factor for Creep Rupture Behavior of Geosynthetics

In HUESKER’s May 2017 videocast, engineer Christoph Hessing discusses a highly important reduction factor that engineers must know to properly design with geosynthetics: creep rupture. This is essential to understanding soil reinforcement. “The purpose of the reduction factors is to take into account the factors influencing product behavior that are likely to be significant in an application,” Hes... »

Video Spotlight: ILT Installation at Reid Gardner Generating Station
ILT_ReidGardner_Installation_550w ILT_ReidGardner_Installation_b_550w ILT_ReidGardner_Installation_b_750w ILT_ReidGardner_Installation_c_550w ILT_ReidGardner_Installation_c_750w

Video: ILT Coal Ash Containment Installation at Reid Gardner

International Lining Technology began work on a coal ash containment project at the Reid Gardner Generating Station in late November 2016. The 557-MW plant sits on 480 acres near Moapa, Nevada and has been undergoing closure activities in recent years. Three of the sites four units (totally 300 MW of capacity) have service records extending back in the 1960s and 1970s. The site operators began dec... »

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