VIDEO SERIES: Coastal Protection with Geosynthetics

This is the third in a series of coastal protection lectures.

Geofabrics Australasia has published Chapter 3 of its lecture series on the use and testing of coastal protection systems using geosynthetics. Here in Part 3, James Carly of the Water Research Laboratory discusses the test models and actual results which resulted in design methodology for the coastal protection system from Geofabrics.

The lecture is part of the “Geosynthetics at Work” series produced by Australia’s International Fibre Centre.

For the complete series, we invite you to view Chapters 2 and 1 below. Working backward, now:

Chapter 2

The second of three chapters in this lecutre series from Australia looks at the Water Research Laboratory (UNSW) project testing the performance of sand-filled containers in coastal protection. This chapter describes the 29 design steps that make up the tests. The lecture is part of the "Geosynthetics at Work" series produced by Australia’s International Fibre Centre.


Chapter 1

This is the first of three lectures in the coastal protection series. This opening chapter focuses on the history and use of sand filled containers in Australia.

NOTE: The publishers of this video series acknowledge that the terms "geobag", "geotube" and "geocontainer" are the registered trademarks of TenCate Geosynthetics.  The terms were used in the lectures by the Australian speakers. Geofabrics Australasia is a distributor of TenCate Geosynthetics products in Australia.