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Thrace Group GeosyntheticsThrace LINQ Adds Matt Buck to Market Development TeamThrace-LINQTM is a global manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetics for a wide variety of civil applications.  Its corporate office and United States manufacturing and distribution center are located in Summerville, South Carolina. Thrace-LINQ possesses a significant presence in woven and nonwoven geotextiles, with key markets including roads and railways, industrial engineering, mining, agriculture, and more.

Thrace NG (Nonwovens and Geosynthetics) manufactures polypropylene technical fabrics and yarns/fibres. The company is the successor to the original Thrace Plastics (est. 1979) and focuses on a broad range of technical fabrics applications.

Lumite produces monofilament and multifilament engineered materials for liquid filtration and erosion control applications. Its diverse markets include mining and solids separation, wastewater treatment, turf reinforcing mats, geotextile tubes, and much more.

Thrace Group’s global operations in technical textiles, specialty packaging, and engineered materials converting include 16 member companies, 14 production facilities, 1700 employees across 11 countries, and sales in 80 countries and exceeding Euro €250 million in revenue.

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Thrace-LINQ civil nonwoven geotextiles are designed for high permittivity (water flow) and a fine pore structure. Their strength prevents damage due to construction stresses, while their pores allow the free flow of groundwater and in-place gas and liquid transmission. Given their fine pore structure, civil nonwovens prevent fine soils from piping through or clogging the geotextile - eliminating the need for an expensive graded granular filter. For AASHTO M 288 applications, Thrace-LINQ civil nonwovens meet the guidelines as follows:

  • 140EX: Class 3 Drainage, Separation and Stabilization; Paving Fabric
  • 150EX: Class 2 Drainage, Separation and Stabilization
  • 180EX: Class 1 Stabilization and Permanent Erosion Control

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Thrace-LINQ paving fabrics extend the life of asphalt concrete overlays by delaying the formation of stress-related cracking and by improving structural section performance through surface water infiltration. When used in conjunction with an asphalt cement tack coat, they provide a pavement interlayer that absorbs and dissipates stress while also providing a moisture barrier. They can also extend the life of a seal coat (chip seal) and dramatically improve stone retention. Available in weights that meet all industry needs, Thrace-LINQ 140EX also fits the requirements of national standard AASHTO M 288 for Paving Fabric.

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Thrace-LINQ woven slit film geotextiles are well-suited for the separation and stabilization of roads. Their durable, high-modulus polypropylene yarns are woven into a competent structure that meets or exceeds industry standards. Since our slit film is both economical and hardwearing, it is also used to reinforce other civil structures like slopes, walls and dikes, and can serve as an erosion-preventing silt fence. Thrace woven geotextiles are engineered to meet the requirements of AASHTO M 288 applications. These materials meet the guidelines as follows:

  • GTF 200S: Class 3 Separation and Unsupported Temporary Silt Fence
  • GTF 200: Class 3 Separation
  • GTF 250, GTF 270: Class 2 and 3 Separation and Stabilization
  • GTF 300: Class 2 and 3 Separation, Class 1 and 2 Stabilization

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Silt Fence - Fashioned from UV-stabilized, woven polypropylene, our geotextile silt fences help to satisfy environmental regulations during site development and construction.

Monofilament Woven Geotextiles - Thrace-LINQ offers three woven monofilament geotextiles, each with unique high strength, permittivity and water flow rate properties. Their unusual combination of features makes monofilaments well-suited to meet the engineering and design needs of civil structures with unusual hydraulic considerations. Since they also incorporate a uniform pore structure, monofilaments perform filtration well and are ideal for erosion control and drainage facilities.

Erosion Control - Featuring developmental and technical expertise from Western Excelsior, our Erosion Control Blankets and Turf Reinforcement Mats offer a variety of specifications to ensure precise, reliable functionality. Each nonwoven geotextile is fashioned from tough polypropylene staple fibers and is available in a range of weights.


  • David Zill Joins THRACE LINQ’s Geosynthetics Team
    Thrace LINQ’s geosynthetics team is growing, this time with the addition of industry veteran David Zill. He brings more than two decades of experience in sales and management. He’ll serve as Thrace LINQ’s Western Regional Manager – Geosynthetics. Zill’s hiring is part of a re-energized approach for the larger Thrace Group to the marketplace. In late 2016, for example, the Thrace Group added vetera... »
  • New Appointments for Andreas Lake and Brian Sparks with Thrace
    The Thrace Group continues its development through optimizing the roles for key personnel. Andreas Lake has been appointed to a newly created position as Group Development Director for the Technical Fabrics division. Brian Sparks, who previously served as a VP of Sales and Business Development, will replace Lake as the General Manager of the Thrace LINQ. Thrace LINQ is a supplier of woven and nonw... »
  • Thrace Group Adds Lothspeich as Director of Engineering – Geosynthetics
    Steve Lothspeich has been announced as the new Director of Engineering – Geosynthetics for Thrace Group companies Thrace Linq, Thrace NG, and Lumite. Lothspeich is a veteran of the geosynthetics field, with a substantial engineering and leadership background in technical sales and marketing, geosynthetic product and system development, and consulting. The move is part of a reinvigorated approach t... »
  • Thrace LINQ Adds Market Development Manager
    Summerville, South Carolina-based Thrace LINQ has added Matt Buck as a Market Development Manager in construction and industrial markets for its spunbond nonwoven products. Buck brings more than a decade of experience to the role. Thrace LINQ’s geosynthetics include paving fabrics, silt fence, erosion control materials, nonwoven geotextiles for environmental and civil engineering projects, and agr... »

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