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Cooley Engineered Membranes, a Cooley Group company, produces a broad range of impervious synthetic geomembrane products. Our liners and floating covers, tank covers and seals, and underground storage products are developed specifically to meet the ever widening environmental and related needs of the commercial, manufacturing and construction industries also the municipal, state, and federal governments, as well as the military.

Some of the world’s toughest challenges are in the form of high-performance geomembranes, tank seals and specialty military flexible composites. Cooley Engineered Membranes is a preferred supplier of products ranging from geotechnical applications on land, in the water and underground; to military applications in the most punishing climate extremes around the world.

Our research and development teams are industry leaders in adapting high-performance engineered composites and polymer chemistry into unique technology that serves the needs of changing marketplace.

Our geomembranes, which exhibit almost total chemical inertness, are used for secondary containment of underground oil, gasoline and other chemicals. New research has resulted in applications for drinking water and aquaculture, waste collection and treatment ponds.

When it comes to complex applications, Cooley understands how to meet rigid quality, safety and regulatory requirements. We bring value-added services and the ability to deliver high quality, environmentally sound material to every market we serve.

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Engineered Membrane Chart

Cooley geomembranes withstand harsh underground conditions, making large-scale aquaculture possible Cooley membranes are engineered to provide high performance in the most demanding applications Cooley Engineered Membranes is a preferred supplier of products ranging from geotechnical applications on land, in the water and underground, in the most punishing climate extremes around the world Cooley materials have a wide range of applications including from primary and secondary containment


The technology of blending Elvaloy has been tried by many over the years, but none as successful as with Cooley's Coolguard line of products.

Cooley developed a range of urethane products designed for primary and secondary containment of fuels and other aggressive products. Cooley has two urethane products, one being ester-based and the other ether-based.

Developed with Montell Polyolefins, the reactor-process polypropylene resin, integrated with Cooley proprietary technology and fabric offers many benefits to engineers designing with geomembranes.

Wide Width COOLPRO Polypropylene PP 150 Geomembrane
Typical applications include: landfill caps and covers, landfill liners, leachate collection ponds and trenches, waste water treatment and industrial lagoons, fish hatchery, golf course and other recreational ponds.

CoolAnchor is a new anchoring system engineered for use wherever a polypropylene liner and concrete are used together.

This new brand of fluoropolymer membrane utilizes our unique PVDF formulation engineered for use in the Chemical, Safety, Medical and Food Industries

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