Solmax Extends Its Offerings Again

Earlier this year, Solmax International announced two key extensions to its offerings. The first was the addition of specialized geomembranes for hydrocarbons and high-temperature exposures; the second was the addition of concrete protection liners (CPLs) from Anchor Knob Sheet (AKS).

Solmax has now announced a third key extension: prefabricated polyethylene (PE) geomembranes for applications that require thin barriers. The new Series 100 and Series 300 target installations such as temporary covers, grain storage covers, oil pits, silo covers, and similar situations.

The Series 300 membranes are reinforced.

The prefabricated geomembranes are designed for specific uses, so it is always advised that you seek expert input before selecting your geomembrane.

The company sees a favorable market here in that it can apply its in-house quality control and long-time manufacturing expertise to create economies of scale attractive to both the client and manufacturer.

Large-scale production and custom pre-fabrication will be offered for these lines.

For more information, contact Carl De Leon at +1 450 929 2544 ext. 229 or by email at Data sheets for the geomembranes can be found here.

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