Storm Cistern Slope Protection with a GCCM

A crew of 6 – 8 people installed the 1000m2 of CC5TM slope protection over five days.

In February 2017, Concrete Canvas® Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM) was used for slope protection in a storm cistern in the Airport Industrial Park of Colón in Querétaro, Mexico. The urbanization of the Industrial Park PIA Airport by AM Developers required a rainwater catchment area for infiltration or for its treatment and reuse.

This area was thought of as a storm cistern, in which the most important point was to prevent erosion damage on the slopes. Other erosion control options were considered, including other types of geosynthetics and shotcrete; but, the client ultimately chose a GCCM. The CC5TM material from Concrete Canvas offered the combination of short execution times, no need for specialized equipment or personnel, a long service life, and integral system costs.


The slope protection works were carried out by AM Developer of Industrial Parks in association with Parque Industrial Aeropuerto Queretaro and G&G (Geomembranas & Geosinteticos). The GCCM’s perimeter anchor was made by a combination of trench at the top and foot of the slopes. Each piece of CC was cut and installed after confirmation of slope length to minimize material waste. The CC was manually cut from bulk rolls that were mounted on a steel bar to facilitate unroll, measurement, and cutting.

The ends of the CC5™ were secured using three stakes of 9.5mm rods. These were inserted one at each 100mm overlap, and one at the centre of each CC panel width inside the trenches, in order to fill them after the hydration and hardening of the material. Along the overlap, down the length of the slopes, additional rods were placed at intervals of every two meters to support the weight of the CC and to keep it fixed to the profile of the slope.

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Hydration was gradually given along with the installation of the GCCM rolls using a pipe and allowing it to fall with the pressure generated only by gravity for an even, successful hydration.

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