Stabilizing a Detention Pond Using a High Strength Wicking Geotextile

Stabilizing a Detention Pond Using a High Strength Wicking Geotextile by J.C. Folts was presented at GeoAmericas 2016 (10 – 13 April 2016, Miami).

This project utilized draining and reinforcing properties of a Wicking Geotextile to stabilize failed detention pond
slopes. There were multiple failures within the 2:1 (Horizontal: Vertical) clayey side slopes. When saturated, the
slopes became unstable and sloughed into the pond’s floor.

The proposed design required sloughed soils be removed and replaced with conventional stone filled wire basket
retaining structures that reduced the side slopes to a stable angle of repose. During construction, access was limited,
pushing the project over budget.

The use of a high strength wicking geotextile was determined to be the most economical alternative. Geotextiles
were placed in multiple lifts horizontally along the previously failed sections of the pond and backfilled with the onsite
soils. The geotextile provided reinforcing and drainage, allowing for the reconstruction of the original slope angles.
Savings achieved by using the on-site soils along with the geotextile were significant and kept the project moving.

The full paper is available via the three-volume digital proceedings set.

View the full GeoAmericas 2016 Table of Contents (PDF)



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