Reinforcement of Soft Soil with Geogrids and Columns of Gravel for a Highway Project in Perú

Reinforcement of Soft Soil with Geogrids and Columns of Gravel for a Highway Project in Perú by C. Harmoni, E. Govea, J. Duran, P. Santos was presented at GeoAmericas 2016 (10 – 13 April 2016, Miami).


Foundation conditions for structures or road embankments in areas with very soft soils is a challenge that requires
innovative solutions and a good geotechnical study of the area, to prevent consolidation settlements and control the
adverse effects that it could cause on the structures that will be founded over this type of soil.
This paper aims to show the feasibility of using geosynthetic reinforcement materials as polymeric geogrids working
together with gravel columns that improves foundation of reinforced soil wall and embankments, accelerating
consolidation process and therefore increasing the bearing capacity of soil. From the global point of view, it is
presented the analysis methodology for soft soils reinforced with geogrids and the application of the results obtained
by this engineering solution to a real case in the development of a road project.


The concept of improving soil properties by inserting tensile elements is not a new concept, on the opposite, this
procedure was given even before Christ, when plant materials were used to harden clay bricks; this concept was
resumed in the second half of the twentieth century, with the use of steel strips interacting with fill soil, in retaining works.
Currently, in addition to steel strips, double torsion mesh and various types of geosynthetics are used for soil
reinforcement; its applications range from the classical retaining structures and stabilization of fill material on soft
foundations passing through other solutions likewise embankments, foundations, pavement bases reinforcements
among others.

The full paper is available via the three-volume digital proceedings set.

View the full GeoAmericas 2016 Table of Contents (PDF)



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