Production Expansion

GSE Lining Technology, along with our partners in the Bentofix™ GCL joint venture has expanded our production capacity to include Bentofix production in the USA. Previously, all of the Bentofix GCL materials sold into the North American market were produced at our Canadian facility in Barrie, Ontario. Effective today, GSE has added capability for Bentofix GCL production at our plant located in Spearfish, South Dakota. The new production facility at Spearfish is completely operational and has the capabilities to manufacture all of the Bentofix product varieties.

The new geographic location offers several advantages; lower freight expenses, particularly to the western and southern United States, easier documentation, with none of the requirements of crossing the US-Canadian border and closer proximity to the Wyoming bentonite mines. We hope that you will take advantage of our new facilities to supply your GCL needs; we expect these changes to allow us to be more responsive to marketplace demands while maintaining our standards with the highest quality GCL products supplied to the industry. Data sheets and other information on our products can be obtained from our website.

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