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From the International Symposium on Tsunami Reconstruction with Geosynthetics – Protection, Mitigation and Rehabilitation of Coastal and Waterway Erosion Control conference proceedings, 6-7 December 2005: "In the aftermath of a natural disaster such as a Tsunami or Earthquake one of the biggest difficulties is contamination of drinking water especially by accidental release of untreated or partial... »

Canal Factoid

Only 15% of the over 10,000 km (16, 100 mi) of main canals and over 16,760 km (27,000 mi) of laterals in the western United States are currently lined. The remaining canals and laterals require evaluation to assess their part in the effort to conserve water resources. The geosynthetics industry is poised to benefit as water users recognize today's canal lining technologies to be economical long-t... »

A Small Hole Like That Will Not Leak 200 GPD!

During a recent landfill leak location survey a 2 to 3 mm diameter hole was found at a T extrusion weld on the edge of a patch. When shown the hole, and a much smaller pinhole close by, the installer commented that such a hole would not explain the leak flow rate of about 200 gpd. However, there was no argument about the caterpillar track holes at the toe of a slope in the adjacent cell! »

A very different Geo ’03

IFAI update - Bob Koerner is being invited to serve as the technical program chairman and that IFAI invites industry-affiliated organizations to contact IFAI for the opportunity to participate as a cooperating organization, as well as to hold meetings and courses related to the geosynthetics industry. »

New Geomembrane Plant

Wasew Technologies, Inc, based in Houston Texas, is pleased to announce that it has signed a Joint Venture agreement with Rowad Plastics, a subsidiary of Tasnee, Saudi Arabia. (Tasnee recently announced the construction of a new 800,000 Ton HDPE and 800,000 Ton LLDPE plant, in co-operation with Basell Polyolefin, in addition to its existing Polypropylene plant.) The new company, Rowad Geosyntheti... »

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