Noise Protection Walls
NAUE_120sq NAUE_Geogrids_Netherlands

VIDEO: Geogrids Support Noise Protection for a Dutch Road

The A2 roadway in the Netherlands serves as a primary corridor between major cities within the Netherlands and connects them to others throughout Europe. It runs from Amsterdam via Utrecht and Eindhoven down to the Belgian border at Maastricht. Between Amsterdam and Utrecht, the A2 is the same as the European Road 35, which runs via Frankfurt am Main (Germany) to Rome (Italy). As part of a redesig... »

Sikkim Airport Construction, Video Interview, Maccaferri

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Pietro Rimoldi on 80m High Reinforced Wall

In a 9-minute interview with Geosynthetica’s Elizabeth Peggs, Maccaferri‘s Pietro Rimoldi discusses an extraordinary hybrid reinforced wall design utilized in Sikkim, India. The result is an 80m high structure at the Sikkim Airport–a critical access point in a region largely cutoff by geography. Further complicating the design is the seismic activity. Despite a 6.9-magnitude eart... »

Beth Chesson, IECA

VIDEO: Interview with Beth Chesson

During the last International Erosion Control Association (IECA) conference and exhibition, Geosynthetica’s Elizabeth Peggs sat down with Beth Chesson, Co-Chair of the IECA Committee on Standards & Practices. The interview was conducted in a bustling exhibit hall–as is apparent in the background–but Beth’s comments are well worth a listen. Here, Chesson reports on the n... »

MECA - Inlet Protection Video

VIDEO: Inlet Protection

The Minnesota Erosion Control Association (MECA) has launched a new series of erosion and sediment control-related educational videos. The latest is a video on inlet protection. It’s a succinct, sub-4 minute video that focuses on why inlet protection is so important (even on small sites), some different styles of products on the market, and affiliated maintenance issues. For more from MECA, ... »

VIDEO: Geogrids with Embankments on Piles

Huesker Fortrac® geogrids were used to enable the construction of a bridge and state highway construction in Bavaria as part 2012-2013 highway works. The site video (in German with English subtitles) gives excellent views of the pile and reinforcement construction and explanation of the design. (Click the brackets in the lower right of the video’s bottom bar to view in full-screen mode.) »

Geofabrics Australasia

Geofabrics Australasia Develops Video Tools

Geofabrics Australasia has developed a suite of videos that explain various standardized tests on geosynthetics. While these videos focus specifically on Australian standards, they are highly applicable to testing conducted elsewhere in the world (e.g., ASTM, ISO) and provide an excellent bit of insight into how the stringency of testing behind geosynthetic product manufacturing and specification ... »

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