Maccaferri’s Young Engineer Program Targets Recent Graduates

Now in its third edition, the Young Engineer Program from Maccaferri  helps identify and develop young engineering talent. The company, which is well known internationally for its geosynthetics, geohazard, and affiliated geotechnical work, invites recent graduates with a Civil, Geotechnical, or Environmental Engineering degree to apply.


Geosynthetica encourages its readers to share this opportunity with all applicable young engineer colleagues around the world.

Young Engineer Program from Maccaferri - Graduate Program 2018

Photo by Maccaferri


For successful applicants, the Young Engineer Program begins with an initial training period in Bologna (Italy), beginning May 2018. The training will focus on technical, commercial, and other areas crucial to understanding Maccaferri’s dynamic, international work environment. During this time, candidates will visit company offices and sites on which its technologies and engineering design are being installed or implemented.

The general training in Italy will focus on:

  • Technical aspects related to Maccaferri products and solutions
  • Industrial processes (manufacturing, supply chain, quality management)
  • Marketing strategy and approach
  • Basis of financial management
  • Weekly English class
  • Italian course for attendees from outside Italy

The immersive education grows from that point, adding more direct-from-the-field education with company veterans, specialization training (e.g., technical/sales), and familiarity with the Maccaferri office each candidate is destined to join.

In the United States, the company is based in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area.

Photo of 270m-Long Reinforced Soil Structure construction in South Africa by Maccaferri

Photo by Maccaferri

“We’re looking for candidates who are excited about engineering and work well in a collaborative international environment,” the company writes. “Candidates must have a mastery of the English language. Second languages, particularly French, Spanish, German, Arabic, or Mandarin, as well as study-abroad experience is considered a plus!”


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