Layfield Recognized as Top North American Dealer

Presto Geoweb - Layfield GroupPresto GeoSystems has recognized Layfield as its top North American distributor for 2013. Layfield promotes Presto’s Geoweb® cellular confinement materials as part of its geosynthetics portfolio.

Geoweb® is a patented product that reduces granular requirements while increasing bearing capacity. Common civil construction applications include soil stabilization for access roads, lease sites, drilling pads, railway, and slope and channel reinforcement.

The award was presented at Presto’s National Annual Dealer conference held, 8 April 2014, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“Layfield is one of the finest distributors in our worldwide network that spans over 40 countries,” says William G. Handlos, PE, CPESC, a director with Presto Geosystems.

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