High-Caliber Short and Long Courses at GeoAmericas 2012

GeoAmericas 2012The ongoing, rapid development of South and Central American infrastructure and the heavy concern with sustainability and energy innovation throughout the Americas will be key topics when engineers, contractors, regulators and other construction professionals gather in Lima, Peru for the GeoAmericas 2012 conference and exhibition. To be held May 1-4, GeoAmericas 2012 marks the Second Pan-American Geosynthetics Conference and Exhibition and will take place under the auspices of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS).

The exhibitor space has sold out for the event, and many attendees are now turning attention not just to the strong technical sessions planned for the event but the exceptional short and long courses that have been announced. Featuring expert and internationally renowned instructors, these courses will provide an in-depth look at some of the hottest topics in geosynthetics and current engineering design.

Short Course 1: Geosynthetic Liner Systems for Landfills and Reservoirs Design and Performance
Instructor: J.P Giroud
Duration: 4 hours

This course will focus on two main topics: leakage control and controlling deformations and instability.

Leakage control topics include:

  • Liner materials
  • Types of liner systems (single, double, composite, encapsulated)
  • Thermal action affecting leakage control (contraction-expansion, wrinkles, shrinkage)
  • Liquid head determination
  • Leakage evaluation (advection, diffusion)
  • Leakage collection — detection, action leakage rate, velocity of leakage detection, malfunctioning

Controlling deformations and instability topics include:

  • Mechanical properties of liner materials (tensile, multiaxial, puncture, interface shear, etc.) and effect of temperature on properties
  • Uplift by wind (including effect of temperature and elevation)
  • Uplift by liquids and gas
  • Deformations due to settlement and differential movements
  • Protection and stability (including full-scale test, Velcro effect)

Short Course 2: CQA for Geosinthetics Installations
Instructor: Sam Allen
Duration: 4 hours

This course is designed specifically for those persons who have a need for a detailed understanding of proper construction quality control (CQC) and construction quality assurance (CQA) procedures for mining and waste containment facilities. The course will focus on installation of geomembranes, GCLs, geotextiles, geocomposites, geogrids and geoappurtenances. A detailed explanation of material specifications and geomembrane seam peel and shear testing will be provided. Included will be a summary of leak location technologies (electrical resistivity testing) and the growth of this important testing technology.

Short Course 3: Drainage and Filtration with Geosynthetics
Instructor: Prof. Ennio Marques Palmeira
Duration: 4 hours

This course will focus on:

  • Types of Geosynthetics for Drainage and Filtration
  • Examples of Applications in Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Problems
  • Basic Definitions and Concepts
  • Design Methods
  • Factors Affecting the Performance of Geosynthetics in Drainage and Filtration
  • Construction Principles, Case-Histories

Short Course 4: Use of Geosynthetics in Mining Applications
Instructors: Mark Smith and Rick Thiel
Duration: 4 hours

This is a half-day course that will provide a broad knowledge of the use of geosynthetics in mining applications including requirements to properly design, specify, test, and construct geosynthetics for leach pads, tailings ponds, process ponds, and other mining related applications. The course will also feature discussion on trends in the mining market worldwide, mining case studies, and a section on shear strength and slope stability.

Long Course 1: Geosynthetic Reinforced Walls and Slopes
Prof. Dov Leshchinsky
Duration: 8 hours

  • Understanding the relevant properties of geosynthetics in long term applications
  • Reinforced soil principles
  • Geosynthetic reinforced walls and slopes systems
  • Basic design of MSE walls
  • Seismic aspects of design
  • Design of reinforced slopes and embankments
  • Lessons learned from failures
  • Instructive software demonstration to illustrate concepts and impact of assumptions

Learn more about GeoAmericas 2012 at the event website: www.geoamericas2012.com.