GSE Updates Online Drainage Design Manual

GSE Updates Online Drainage Design Manual GSE to Expand Geonet and Geocomposite Manufacturing CapacityFive years ago, the first online edition of the Drainage Design Manual was released was released by GSE Environmental. The interactive, digital version built upon the previous print editions (2004, 2007) and helped to bring this geosynthetics resource fully into the practice.

The digital version gives users around the world an easy way to access drainage engineering details, design methodologies, design equation sheets, and much more. It can be updated quickly, so that registered users will always have the most current information.

Overall, the manual is designed to assist users in specifying cost-effective and technically sound drainage systems and aid in the preparation of construction details.


The 2016 update to the Online Drainage Design Manual is significant for its incorporation of GSE Environmental’s tri-axial and tri-planar drainage geosynthetics. With the addition of products such as TenDrain,  TenFlow, and DuraFlow,  the manual now incorporates the full suite of the company’s liquid and gas transmitting solutions.

Users can learn about a wide range of issues in geosynthetic drainage layer designs, such as creep, interface shear strength, transmissivity, geotextile filtration & retention properties  product specifications, and other factors that influence drainage design and performance. The user-friendly navigation leads to design examples, calculation tools, comprehensive design concepts, equations for landfills and other drainage applications, and more.

Numerous calculations have been refined for the 2016 iteration, in keeping with updates in the field.

Major sections of the drainage design manual focus on:

  • Using GRI-GC8
  • Geotextile Filter Design
  • Landfill Final Cover
  • Landfill Leachate
  • Leakage Detection
  • Landfill Gas
  • Bioreactor Landfills

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