Construction QA/QC of Compacted Clay Liner and GCL Installations

Construction QA/QC for Compacted Clay Liner and GCL Installation is the second of two field CQA/CQC short courses offered by TRI Environmental during Short Course Training Week in Austin, Texas (7 – 11 May 2018). This May 10 course can be taken as a standalone course or be paired with the May 9 short course, Construction QA/QC for Geosynthetic Installations. The content of the two courses complement one another.


GCLs vs compacted clay liner

Image of geosynthetic clay liner being installed from “GCLs and a Flood Dam Monitoring System.” Photo by NAUE.


This course is designed specifically for those who need a detailed understanding of proper CQC and CQA procedures at waste containment facilities. Key professionals who benefit from the training include third-party inspectors, specifying/certifying engineers, project managers, installers, contractors, CQA personnel, and regulators. The content focuses on the installation of compacted clay liners (CCLs) and geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs). Special emphasis will be given to establishing rationale and standard operating procedures for field inspections, documentation of test and visual observations, and implementation of CQA plans. A broad appreciation for the
manufacture and installation of containment facility materials will be provided. Additionally, a tour of TRI’s Geosynthetic Testing and Research Laboratories will support class curriculum through test demonstrations, details on some TRI internal R&D projects, and discussion of other relevant topics.

TRI Geotechnical Laboratory Director, Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn, serves as lead instructor. He brings insight not only from the lab but from his years as a consulting engineer, such as through his work on the design and installation of the Circuit of the Americas Formula One Race Track over expansive clays with tight differential movement criteria.

Like its May 9 companion course, Construction QA/QC of Compacted Clay Liner and GCL Installations gives participants a comprehensive understanding of preparing and reviewing CQC/CQA plans; performing CQC/CQA observations and tests; and reviewing field CQC/CQA procedures.

It is also an ideal preparation for those who seek Geosynthetic Certification Institute – Inspectors Certification Program (GCI-ICP) credentials. Those wishing to sit for the GCI-ICP exam (May 11) can learn more in the Short Course Training Week brochure, including the requirement to pre-register with the Geosynthetic Institute, which oversees the certification program.

CQA Week - Dirty Boots - Compacted clay and GCLs


The course and certification schedule:

Instructors for the CQA Week events include:

  • Sam Allen – Vice President and Division Manager, TRI
  • Jeffrey Blum – Project Manager, Weaver Consultants Group
  • Abigail Gilson, M.S., P.E. – Senior Engineer for TRI/Environmental
  • Jeffrey Kuhn, P.E. – Director of TRI Geotechnical Laboratory
  • Mark Sieracke, P.E. – Landfill Design and CQA Consultant


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