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IGS North America Erosion Control with Geosynthetics Webinar
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IGS North America Webinar: Erosion Control with Geosynthetics – May 29

The next IGS North America webinar will focus on Erosion Control with Geosynthetics. Presenter Markus Wilke (HUESKER) brings more than a decade of experience to the presentation, including a very deep background in hydraulic engineering and coastal protection and remediation.  He has published extensively on topics such as dewatering, port maintenance, bank stabilization, and waterway engineering.... »

An Innovative Application of Technology Award for East Coast Erosion Control

An Innovative Application of Technology Award for East Coast Erosion Control

Congratulations are due to East Coast Erosion Control, which was honored as one of six companies to receive the iXchange Innovation Award from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The company was recognized for Innovative Application of Technology. The Innovation Application of Technology award is given by Ben Franklin Technology Partners to “the company that strongly dem... »

TRI Expands Testing Capabilities and Enhances Services for 2018
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TRI Expands Testing Capabilities and Enhances Services for 2018

The annual letter from TRI Environmental to its clients and the general geosynthetics community merits review for a number of its highlights. The company notes the considerable expansion testing capabilities, both through the addition of key equipment and through the re-location of its outdoor, large-scale testing facility for trafficking studies and erosion and sediment control testing. Furthermo... »

Remediating a Concrete Flume in a Hydroelectric System
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Remediating a Concrete Flume in a Hydroelectric System

In August 2017, a Concrete Canvas® Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM) was used to remediate a dilapidated concrete flume, which was part of a hydroelectric system in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. A civil general inspection conducted a few years prior to the remediation found the flume to be in poor condition in significant areas. A few small localized repairs were carried out in 201... »

IECA 2018 Exhibit Hall

Early Registration Deadline for IECA 2018 – January 15

The International Erosion Control Association 2018 Conference and Exhibition (IECA 2018) is will take place 11 – 14 February 2018 in Long Beach, California. This annual event is one of the most important gatherings for soil and water quality, construction best practices, and erosion and sediment control. Readers are reminded that the early registration deadline for IECA 2018 is January 15. Registe... »

PODCAST: Disturbed Land Reclamation with Tom Willilams
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PODCAST: Disturbed Land Reclamation with Tom Williams

In this episode of GeoTalk, we check in with Tom Williams, a 40-year veteran of disturbed land reclamation work, much of which has been in connection with mining. Mining activities are integral to the success of an enormous number of industries, and many of them are inextricably part of our lives. Communications. Construction. Healthcare. Energy. Transportation. Essentially, everything built in mo... »

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