Erosion Control

Needlepunched Biomat from Machina-TST

Machina Turns Its Tech to a Needlepunched Biomat

Machina-TST has grown quickly behind lines of geotextiles, geogrids, geocomposites, and turf reinforcement mats. Now, it’s turning its manufacturing technical knowledge to erosion control applications with the expanded release of its needlepunched biomat, Linotex Eco. The organic mat is engineered for the rapid vegetation development and protection of soil from surface erosion processes. The produ... »

Geofabrics Earns Australian Export Award for Environmental Solutions

Geofabrics Earns Australian Export Award for Environmental Solutions

Congratulations are due to Geofabrics, which has earned a 2018 AusTrade Australian Export Award for Environmental Solutions. The company, which manufacturers geosynthetics and provides supply and design support for a wide-range of applications, was officially recognized at a ceremony in Canberra on 27 November 2018. The Australian Export Awards (AEA) is a national program that recognizes Australia... »

GCCMs for Steep Slope Protection
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Steep Slopes and the Use of GCCMs

Geosynthetic cementitious composite mats (GCCMs) have been used widely for new construction and rehabilitation of containment and fluid conveyance infrastructure. The uses have extended to a diverse range of sectors, such as mining, road, rail, civil, petrochemical, and agriculture. The barrier solution, often summarized as “concrete on a roll,” has been particularly welcomed on sites that are cha... »

ASTM International Awards Honor GSI and Robeson
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ASTM International Awards Honor GSI and Robeson

During the twice-yearly ASTM Committee Weeks, various standards committees and subcommittees recognize key contributions from their members for consensus building, technical expertise, leadership, and more. Two figures deeply tied to geotechnical engineering and erosion and sediment control were honored with ASTM International Awards during the late June gatherings: Dr. George Koerner (representin... »

11ICG Extends Pre-Registration Rate to July 30
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11ICG Extends Pre-Registration Rate to July 30

The 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics (11ICG) will be held 16 – 21 September 2018 at the COEX in Seoul, Korea. The program will feature 1,000 geotechnical engineering experts from more than 100 countries. Conference theme: “Geosynthetics: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development.” Of note, the organizing committee has extended the pre-registration rate through July 30. Readers... »

IGS North America Erosion Control with Geosynthetics Webinar
ErosionControl_HueskerFortrac3d_630w IGS_NorthAmerica_ErosionControlWebinar_600w

IGS North America Webinar: Erosion Control with Geosynthetics – May 29

The next IGS North America webinar will focus on Erosion Control with Geosynthetics. Presenter Markus Wilke (HUESKER) brings more than a decade of experience to the presentation, including a very deep background in hydraulic engineering and coastal protection and remediation.  He has published extensively on topics such as dewatering, port maintenance, bank stabilization, and waterway engineering.... »

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