Erosion Control News: ESCN Update

Erosion and Sediment Control Network (

The latest broadcast from Land and Water magazine‘s Erosion and Sediment Control Network ( is available. The free, bi-weekly, online broadcast covers the stories impacting the erosion control and sediment control field. The new bi-weekly format also includes more input from the field in "Tip of the Week" segments and in-depth, on-site reporting and interviews. The broadcast’s website also has a more expansive archive and extra material:

The current broadcast finds anchors Tamara Forlanski and Lucas Starbuck back in the studio. ESCN (and Land and Water’s) Shanna Egli contributes a piece on Japanese Knotweed. She interviews Cody Peterson, a roadside vegetation expert, on this invasive plant.

The episodes top stories focus on the Triton® Marine Mattress System distribution agreement between Tensar International and CETCO; the International Erosion Control Association (IECA) Mid-Atlantic Chapter annual conference; the Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association website; and a Tip of the Week segment with Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC) on the new QDOR (Quality Data Oversight Review) program.

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Published 20 August 2009