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Jie Han to Deliver State of US Geosynthetic-Reinforced Walls for ICE

Jie Han to Deliver State of US Geosynthetic-Reinforced Walls for ICE

The United Kingdom-based Institution of Civil Engineers is an extremely active professional body with a rich history of high-quality lectures and professional development offerings. On October 17, ICE will welcome the University of Kansas’s Dr. Jie Han, who has been invited to speak on “Geosynthetic-reinforced retaining walls: Recent US research and developments.” REGISTER ONLINE Dr. Jie Han is th... »

11 ICG Was an Enormous Success for Geosynthetics
11ICG_GiroudLecture_Nathalia_600w 11ICG_Registration_Crowd_600w 11ICG_Welcome_Chungsik_600w 11ICG_Welcome_COEX_LectureHall_600w IGS_2018Council_Seoul_500w

11 ICG Was an Enormous Success for Geosynthetics

The 10th International Conference on Geosynthetics (10 ICG) was held in 2014 in Berlin. The event established new benchmarks for success for the quadrennial showcase conference and exhibition of the International Geosynthetics Society. The organizers of 11 ICG (September 2018) had a tall task in matching the Berlin conference, in terms of technical strength and international participation. Profess... »

MoDNR to Host September CQA Week Courses

ELL and CQA Training and Certification – November 2018

TRI Environmental will host three geosynthetics CQA training short courses and two certification opportunities November 13 – November 16 in Austin, Texas. The events are part of the next CQA Week. Construction Quality Assurance experts in projects utilizing geosynthetics, such as in waste management and mining, ensure the effectiveness of the materials and their role in providing long-term s... »

GeoMEast 2018 Geosynthetics Program
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GeoMEast 2018 Geosynthetics Program

GeoMEast 2018 International Congress and Exhibition will be held in Cairo, Egypt from 24 – 28 November  2018 at Marriott Mena House Hotel in front of the Great Pyramids. The theme for the event is “Sustainable Civil Infrastructures: Structural Integrity.” Geosynthetics has a major role in the technical program. The organizers have released more details on the geosynthetics program. Learn more abou... »

Runways and Reinforced Structures for Tana Toraja

11 ICG Preview – Maccaferri Contributes a Wide Look at Geosynthetic Design

Maccaferri is one of the world’s biggest geosynthetics companies. In this 11 ICG Preview, we look at the technical expertise the company will share with the global engineering community during the 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics (16 – 21 September 2018) in Seoul. Maccaferri also invites attendees to visit its team at Booths 63 & 64 in the 11 ICG exhibit hall. 11 ICG PREVIEW – MA... »

Maccaferri Reinforced Berms at Kozcağız Dam in Turkey
KozcagizDam_1_650w KozcagizDam_2_650w KozcagizDam_3_650w

Reinforced Berms at Kozcağız Dam in Turkey

The Kozcağız Dam project is one of the biggest water-related investments by DSI in Turkey’s Bartin province. The dam provides water to a total of 6088 acres (2460 hectares) of agricultural area. The dam construction consists of clayish sand-gravel backfill and extends to a height of 54 meters. The aim of the Kozcağız Dam is two-fold: secure a constant water supply for Bartin’s agricultural activit... »

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