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I-CORP INTERNATIONAL is a completely independent international geosynthetic materials performance consulting and testing company. Dr Ian D. Peggs, President, is a materials scientist/engineer with over 25 years experience working with engineering plastics; welding, durability, stress cracking, nondestructive testing, microstructure, residual stress, leak surveys, failure analyses, and expert witness work. I-CORP has clients in over 40 countries. We help resolve materials performance problems. Visit Website


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SOTRAFA, S.A. belongs to the Armando Alvarez Group, the largest one transforming plastics in Spain.

Titan Environmental Containment

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Titan Environmental Containment Ltd. specializes in the supply and installation of geomembrane liners, bolted steel tanks, and welded tanks. We partner with industries from coast to coast to provide a wide range of extremely high quality environmental products, along with cost effective solutions for your projects.


TRI Environmental

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TRI/Environmental, Inc. (TRI) is an independent, third party, geosynthetics firm providing geosynthetics testing and research services to the international community. TRI provides laboratory conformance/verification testing as well as performance related studies. In addition to routine testing, TRI provides interface friction, permeability, creep and stress-rupture, transmissivity, gradient ratio, UV-resistance, chemical resistance, carbonyl end group, molecular weight, plastic pipe and accelerated time-temperature testing. TRIs personnel are active throughout the worlds standards development organizations and routinely provide short courses, seminars and tailor made training services to those learning about geosynthetics.

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Varicore Technologies

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PROTECT YOUR LINER. Varicore Technologies manufactures Multi-Flow Drainage Systems and LDVS Drain/Vent Systems (Leak Detection Venting System). With over 20 years of project experience and with tens of millions of feet produced, Varicore maintains an excellent record in the drainage and venting mitigation industry. Superior quality. Modularity. System scalability. Cost-effective.