ESI - Environmental Specialties International, Inc.

Environmental Specialties International, Inc. (ESI)

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ESI is the industry’s largest installer of geosynthetic liner materials for environmental containment applications in the United States, and also one of the largest material suppliers as well. ESI is a trusted service provider to the power, solid waste, oil & gas, mining, agri/aquaculture, and other environmentally responsible industries.


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For over 150 years, HUESKER has operated as a family-owned, global geosynthetics manufacturer known for its long-term design strength and durability system solutions. HUESKER offers the most complete line of geogrids, geocomposites and geotextiles that deliver cost-effective geotechnical engineering solutions. HUESKER operates the following business units: Earthworks and Foundations, Roads and Pavements, Environmental Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Industry & Agriculture and Mining. For more information on HUESKER please visit or call 800-942-9418.

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The Intermas Group is one of the world’s leading providers of drainage geosynthetics and operates in 70 countries. Intermas geosynthetics play critical roles in many of the world’s largest landfill installations and mining operations, and Intermas materials are utilized widely in civil works, environmental protection, drainage, erosion control, and reinforcement applications.

Machina-TST Geosynthetics


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Machina-TST is an ISO 9001-certified manufacturer geosynthetics. Products include geogrids, geotextiles, turf reinforcement mats, and geocomposites (e.g., geotextile-geogrid composites). These materials are utilized in road construction, mining, embankments on soft soil, oil and gas applications, erosion control, railways, and elsewhere.

Strata Systems

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Strata Systems is a manufacturer of advanced soil reinforcement products with global distribution and technical resources to meet the challenging and changing dynamics of any site development including highway, municipal, commercial and residential projects. Strata provides innovative systems and technology that provide economic advantages while ensuring structural integrity and sound engineering principles.

Titan Environmental Containment

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Titan Environmental Containment Ltd. specializes in the supply and installation of geomembrane liners, bolted steel tanks, and welded tanks. We partner with industries from coast to coast to provide a wide range of extremely high quality environmental products, along with cost effective solutions for your projects.

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Varicore Technologies

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PROTECT YOUR LINER. Varicore Technologies manufactures Multi-Flow Drainage Systems and LDVS Drain/Vent Systems (Leak Detection Venting System). With over 20 years of project experience and with tens of millions of feet produced, Varicore maintains an excellent record in the drainage and venting mitigation industry. Superior quality. Modularity. System scalability. Cost-effective.