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Image: Effective Education for Improving Erosion/Sediment Control System Adoption
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Effective Education for Erosion and Sediment Control System Adoption

Erosion and sediment control advances have produced enormously beneficial results, in infrastructure performance and economics; yet, rates of erosion and sediment control system adoption rates have lagged behind the research supporting them. Dr. Eve Brantley, an extension specialist and associate professor with Auburn University’s Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences Department in the renowned C... »

HUESKER’s Incomat Gets Raw and Potable Water Compatibility Certification
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Incomat Gets Raw and Potable Water Compatibility Certification

Geosynthetic barriers and systems provide essential containment of fluids in a wide variety of applications. One of the most important is for the protection and management of water resources. Certification for suitability in these applications has become increasingly important, internationally. HUESKER’s Incomat geosynthetic concrete mattress, for example, has been granted raw and potable water co... »

GeoTalk podcast with Photo by NOAA of Russian River Valley Watershed Health

PODCAST: Craig Benson on Sedimentation, Dams, and Watershed Health

Geosynthetica opens its 2017 series of GeoTalk podcasts with a conversation about sedimentation, dams, and watershed health. Our guest is Craig Benson, an International Erosion Control Association Board Member and a division director for the private, non-profit Natural Resources Services in Eureka, California. NRS is a division of the Redwood Community Action Agency. There are more than 1000 commu... »

Photo: Solmax HDPE Geomembrane Installed by Viking Containment in NZ's Central Plains Headrace Canal
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NZ’s Central Plains Headrace Canal Update: 600,000 Sq M of HDPE Geomembrane

The ongoing infrastructure works in Canterbury, New Zealand’s ambitious Central Plains Water Enhancement Scheme is centered around a 55m-high dam and affiliated storage and diversion canals. Up to 60,000 ha (148,230 acres) of land will be irrigated by the project. The Rakaia and Waimakariri Rivers would be connected the 280 million cubic meter-capacity reservoir via a 56km-long headrace canal. The... »

Photo: Long Beach Convention Center, Site of 2018 IECA Conference and Exhibition

REMINDER: 2018 IECA Abstracts Due May 31

The International Erosion Control Association Region One reminds the engineering community that abstracts for the 2018 IECA Conference and Exhibition are due May 31. The 2018 IECA conference will be held 11 – 14 February 2018 in Long Beach, California. 2018 IECA CALL FOR ABSTRACTS Suggested topics for the 2018 IECA Technical Program include: Erosion and Sediment Control Managing Soil for Vegetativ... »

Image of Solmax Geomembranes

Solmax Seeks US Market Development Manager

Solmax is one of the world’s top three manufacturers of geomembranes and affiliated fluid transportation solutions (e.g., HDPE pipes, valves, fittings and accessories). The company operates major manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, Malaysia, and Chile. Currently, Solmax is hiring a market development manager for the US territory. A description of requirements from Solmax follows... »

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