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AGRU’s XXL Pipe Facility Offers World’s Largest HDPE Pipe Extrusion
Agru_LongestPlasticPipe_650w Agru_LongestPlasticPipe_a_750w Agru_LongestPlasticPipe_b_750w Agru_LongestPlasticPipe_c_750w

AGRU’s XXL Pipe Facility Offers World’s Largest HDPE Pipe Extrusion

In March, AGRU America announced its major move into large-diameter plastic pipe. The Charleston, South Carolina facility has been producing HDPE pipe since April, but the company held its grand opening not long ago. The event, which was attended by 160 international customers, revealed further information on the innovative site, including news that AGRU’s XXL Pipe Production Facility is equipped ... »

Технология обнаружения утечки в геомембранах с помощью электрического тока
ELL_Optimizing_Fig2_TRI_750w ELL_Optimizing_Fig3_TRI_550w ELL_Optimizing_Fig4a_TRI_625w ELL_Optimizing_Fig4b_TRI_650w ELL_Optimizing_Fig5a_TRI_550w ELL_Optimizing_Fig5b_TRI_550w ELL_Optimizing_TRI_650w

Maximizing Electrical Leak Location Effectiveness with Covered Geomembranes

By Abigail Gilson-Beck and Julio Ferreira – Designers of geomembrane-lined containment facilities commonly assume two to five leaks per hectare, with each leak of the size or diameter of a few millimeters. A leak is any damage that fully penetrates a geomembrane panel or seam (e.g. hole, perforation, tear, crack or puncture). Typical leaks caused by equipment placing cover material can be orders o... »

Diverting Surface Water from Contaminated Spoils - Concrete Canvas
AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_b_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_c_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_d_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_e_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_f_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_g_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_Slider

Diverting Surface Water from Contaminated Spoils at a Former Mine

In June 2017, Concrete Canvas® Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (CC GCCM) was used to line a series of drainage channels at a remediated mining site in Wicklow, Ireland. The channels were engineered to divert surface water around the former contaminated spoils zones. The site had an extraordinarily long history of mining, with copper mining activities having been reported as far back as 172... »

Video: EPI Geomembrane Fabrication Leads to Rapid WWTP Installation

GRI-GM19b Brings a Long-Needed Specification Update to Fruition

In October 2017, the Geosynthetic Research Institute (GRI), which is part of the Folsom, Pennsylvania-based Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) published the GRI-GM19b specification: “Seam Strength and Related Properties of Thermally Bonded Reinforced Polyolefin Geomembranes/Barriers.” The finalization of GM19’s substantial update was a significant achievement for GSI’s member companies and the overall i... »

CLI Earns International Achievement Award

CLI Earns International Achievement Award

Colorado Lining International, Inc. has been honored with a 2017 International Achievement Award (IAA). The winning project (“Tucson Water Clearwell Rehabilitation and Replacement”) was recognized for design excellence in specialty fabrics applications. The Clearwell Reservoir is Tucson Water’s largest reservoir in its delivery system. Two 30-million gallon cells serve the site. The first of the t... »

High Temperature Geomembranes

GSE Environmental Awarded High Temperature Geomembrane Patent

Four years ago, GSE Environmental formally announced the development of polyethylene geomembranes for use in applications with prolonged exposure to temperatures above 60°C (140°F). Now, the company has been awarded US Patent No. 9,518,176 B2 for its High Temperature Geomembrane Liners and Master Batch Compositions. The newest addition to the series, GSE High Temperature Liner, is engineered to wi... »

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