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IGS North America Erosion Control with Geosynthetics Webinar
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IGS North America Webinar: Erosion Control with Geosynthetics – May 29

The next IGS North America webinar will focus on Erosion Control with Geosynthetics. Presenter Markus Wilke (HUESKER) brings more than a decade of experience to the presentation, including a very deep background in hydraulic engineering and coastal protection and remediation.  He has published extensively on topics such as dewatering, port maintenance, bank stabilization, and waterway engineering.... »

11th International Conference on Geosynthetics Pre-Registration Deadline
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11th International Conference on Geosynthetics Pre-Registration Deadline

The 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics (11ICG) will be held 16 – 21 September 2018 at Coex in Seoul, Korea. The program will feature 1,000 geotechnical engineering experts from more than 100 countries. Conference theme: “Geosynthetics: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development.” NOTE: Pre-registration (best rate) is available through June 15. Visit www.11icg-seoul.org, set up an... »

CQA Training Week

Australia Geosynthetics CQA Training Week, May 15 – 18

TRI Australasia will host the next Australia Geosynthetics CQA Training Week 15 – 18 May 2018. Register now! The multi-short course event will take place in Burleigh Heads, Queensland. Short courses offered include: Liner Integrity Survey / Assessment Training (May 15) Construction QA/QA for Geosynthetic Installations (May 16) Construction QA/QC for Compacted Clay Liner & GCL Installatio... »

IGS Young Members Committee Photo Contest

IGS Young Members Committee Photo Contest

In recent years, engineering societies and conferences have wisely put greater emphasis on younger participants in their fields. Geotechnical engineering experienced a substantial growth in materials innovation (e.g., geosynthetics) and project scopes over the past 50 years, and much of that growth was based on the work of engineers now retired or near retirement or who have moved into different d... »

Volume 34 of IGS News: Elections, Workshops, Young Members
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Volume 34 of IGS News: Elections, Workshops, Young Members

The International Geosynthetics Society has published the first of 2018’s three issues of IGS News, which tracks the on-going contributions of the IGS to the global geotechnical engineering field and opportunities for all involved. Volume 34 opens with some essential reading, including candidate biographies and related announcements pertaining to the forthcoming IGS Council elections. All stories ... »

Photo of GCCM Installation at Zinc and Copper Mine

GCCM Market Growth Leads to Patent-Related Preliminary Injunction and Lawsuit

The development of the market for geosynthetic cementitious composite mat materials has occurred swiftly, with this unique barrier market’s innovator Concrete Canvas leading the way. The company has achieved significant international reach with projects in mining, water resource management, culvert rebuilds, oil and gas containment works, and much more. The rapid rise in interest from a broad rang... »

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