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NAUE Tunnel Lining Geomembranes
NAUE_TunnelLiner_Bavaria1 NAUE_TunnelLiner_Bavaria2_750w NAUE_TunnelLiner_Bavaria_120sq

A Hydrostatic Pressure-Resistant Tunnel Lining in Bavaria

By NAUE Geosynthetics - As part of the Deutsche Einheit (German Unification) Traffic Project 8.1, the Deutsche Bahn Netz AG (German Railways) ordered the construction of the Höhnberg and Füllbach tunnels on the Coburg-South section of the new twin-track line between Ebensfeld and Erfurt. The two tunnels cross one another with a vertical offset of 16m, which meant an enormous challenge for the tunn... »

Geosynthetics in Hydraulic Applications

November Webinar: Geosynthetics in Hydraulic Structures

Live and on-demand education for engineers has really taken off. The North American Geosynthetics Society (NAGS) ran a successful webinar series in 2014. The online site Geo-U.com has been delivering geosynthetics-related on-demand presentations from international experts. And the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) hosts monthly webinars. On November 12, Dr. Robert Koerner will continue the series with ... »

Waterproof Membranes 2014, AMI

Waterproof Membranes 2014 Preview: Speakers, Attending Companies

Waterproof Membranes 2014 brings together geotechnical and architectural users, manufacturers and researchers of materials such as roofing membranes and geomembranes. The diverse audience, with representatives from all levels in the membrane market, creates a congenial environment for networking, market growth discussions, discovery of new opportunities, and much more. Waterproof Membranes 2014 wi... »

10 ICG, Berlin - highlights

SLIDESHOW: 10 ICG Highlights and Honors

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Report from the Berlin 2 Workshop on Exposed, HDPE Geomembranes

Report from the Berlin 2 Workshop on Exposed, HDPE Geomembranes

By Chris Kelsey - On September 26, immediately following the 10th International Conference on Geosynthetics (10 ICG), a high-level, one-day workshop on HDPE geomembranes convened at the headquarters of BAM, Germany’s Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. The event brought together field luminaries who represented not only the international practice but multiple perspectives f... »

Concrete Canvas

Concrete Canvas Seeks Technical Sales (UK) and MENA Business Development Manager

Concrete Canvas is a rapidly growing, UK-based manufacturing company with an award-winning geotechnical material: Concrete Canvas GCCM. Since 2007 the company has achieved an average year-on-year growth of more than 100%. The company is currently at a very exciting stage in its evolution, growing very rapidly, generating substantial resources and investing heavily. The core technology is still at ... »

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