Waste Management Engineering

Superfund Site to Be Capped

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has reached agreements with a waste management firm and a developer that will result in the final capping and redevelopment of the 87-acre PJP Landfill Superfund site in Jersey City. Learn more here.; »

Geotextile Tubes: too Simple?

Canada's Daily Observer reports on the incorporation of geotextile tubes for sewage dewatering operations, and about the difficult path to getting this simple idea accepted. Many officials apparently have been concerned that the technology's function is too easy to understand to be believed effective. But the use of geotextiles tubes for separating solids is finally getting its day and correcting ... »

China’s PPP

Xinhua reports that China plans to invest roughly $1.3 billion to prevent pollution of the Three Gorges Dam region between now and 2010. The massive infrastructure proposal targets urban sewage management, waste management and industrial production pollution. Learn more here.; »

Beef, It’s What’s for Landfills

Not long ago the US Department of Agriculture issued a recall for more than 140 million pounds of beef. That beef is winding up in landfills now, as in King County, Washington. The Seattle Times, interestingly enough, includes a note about the protective lining systems on modern landfills to further assuage public concerns about that beef. Learn more here.; »

Eyeing Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the United States received horrible grades in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2005 Report Card. As Rep. Heath Shuler's (D-NC) statement to the House Transportation and Infrastructure, Subcommittee on Water Resources and the Environment hearing on the Water Resources Development Act of 2008 pointed out, the only passing grade given to the American infrastructure... »

How Stuff Works

Over at the utilitarianly named website howstuffworks.com, one can find quite a bit of generic information on things from automotive repair to DVD formating; calculating economic GDP to lists of banned books. An article from professor Craig Freudenrich has also cropped up to explain how landfills work too. And Marshall Brain's entry on the matter has appeared in the WCF Courier this week. Perhaps ... »

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