Waste Management Engineering

ASTM Updates

3 New Approved Standards and 1 Work Item (the withdrawl of D276-00a) for this week. »

Setting an Environmental Benchmark

Water and solid waste management are engineering concerns for which Solmax International has provided considerable experience and solutions. They are also concerns of any business's operations. Solmax's 2006-2007 environmental plan provides firm, noteworthy targets for how the company produces the materials that are so vital to municipal infrastructures. Learn more here.; »

A Growing Market

The Freedonia Group's latest study on the geosynthetics market forecasts a 4% growth between 2006 and 2011 with the greatest expansion being in waste management and erosion control. Learn more here.; »

Animal Waste: Let’s Talk Turkey

The number of permits issued for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) lags the number of approved operations, sometimes by a considerable margin. For example, in Wisconsin, a single CAFO permit covers 55 sites controlled by a corporation that specializes in turkey production. Prior to 2002, the state had issued permits for each site. This change in permitting means that the reported numb... »


Published by Thomas Telford, the latest issue of Geosynthetics International (volume 12 issue 6) contains six technical papers. »


The Erosion and Sediment Control Network (ESCN) just aired its 50th episode at its Web site, www.escn.tv. The episode also marks the online venture’s one-year anniversary. Learn more here.; »

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