Waste Management Engineering

WRN Ends Registration Requirement

Waste & Recycling News--which changed its name earlier this month from Waste News--has removed the registration process required to view parts of www.wasterecyclingnews.com. Viewers also will no longer need a password to access stories and features on the site. Learn more here.; »

Specifying Geotextiles

geosindex.com lists geosynthetic data and it's free to access. Registration is never requested. For a sample of what the site provides, check out the geotextile data. The interactive table is sortable and users can choose what criteria fields they would like to see, such as CBR Puncture, NTPEP, and tensile strength. Questions on how to use the site or how to list your products? Contact us. Learn m... »

ASTM International Introduces Proficiency Testing for Textiles

The ASTM Proficiency Testing Program has just expanded its existing Textiles Proficiency Testing Program to include a new proficiency testing program on yarns and threads. This new PTP is an industry driven quality assurance program for companies doing yarn and thread component performance evaluations on a routine basis. This PTP will provide participants with a statistical tool that will ena... »

Specifying Geomembranes?

See the latest geomembrane data at geosindex.com. Learn more here.; »

Unlined Landfill Proposal

Stacks of gypsum 100 feet high, limestone waste collected and buried for 25 year, and all of it without a liner? That's what a South Carolina power plant operation has proposed...but residents, fearing for the quality of their groundwater, have rejected SCE&G's plan. Learn more here.; »

Priority Measures

Henderson County, North Carolina's neutral-revenue tax discussions are telling of the trend in county-level environmental management concerns. Listed among the county's top priorities are school funding, $30 million in new development, erosion and sediment control measures and enforcement, and waste management. Learn more here.; »

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