Waste Management Engineering

From MSW: Dewatering Tubes

The May 2008 issue of Municipal Sewer & Water looks at dewatering operations in the city of Lebanon, Tennessee. The article appears on pages 50 and 51 of the online reader and focuses on how the city's sewer department needed a way to more quickly dewater sludge. The new passive system used three 60 x 100 ft geosynthetic tubes. Learn more here.; »

Play Ball!

The Minnesota Twins are constructing a new riverfront stadium in Minneapolis, but to do so they must remove a considerable amount of contaminated soil. Waste Management Inc. has acquired the proper permits for removing and landfilling the material. The Minnesota Public Radio news item on the matter does not detail the pollutants but does not that they require burial with a protective liner. Learn ... »

The Australian’s Move

The Australian, an internationally known newspaper that bills itself as Australia's only national broadsheet, is lauching its "Environment Series." The collection of nine special reports will cover all aspects of Climate Change and how it impacts Australia. The next report in the series will be "Recycling & Waste Management" and is slated for publication 31 May 2008. Learn more here.; »

Piped In

The availability of natural gas pipelines is crucial to the profitability of large dairies converting manure into power in the Midwest. But with more pipelines being built across rural areas to connect major urban zones, the connection points are increasing. In states like Wisconsin, that's helping transform farms with lined lagoons into power centers. Expedited permitting is also helping. Learn m... »

Upgrading Waste Management

India's boom comes with a stiff challenge to the environment. The old waste management system was not designed for the current breakneck growth in construction and affluence (which generally leads to more waste). In the city of Mangalore, a new landfill will feature one of the country's most modern designs, including an HDPE liner, stabilization ponds, and much more. Learn more here.; »

GMF Delivers $2.2 Million to Guelph

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has announced that the Green Municipal Fund (GMF) will invest $2.2 million for the City of Guelph. The sustainability projects include remediation of a former metal foundry for site redevelopment, waste management and wastewater treatment. Learn more here.; »

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