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2nd Geosynthetics Pavilion

M&T Expo 2018 to Host 2nd Geosynthetics Pavilion

Geosynthetica Brasil will host its second Geosynthetics Pavilion at a major conference and exhibition. This time, the venue will be M&T Expo 2018 – International Trade Fair for Construction and Mining Equipment. Interested companies are invited to be part of the publication’s innovative space. Geosynthetica welcomes your personnel, products, technical innovations, and everything else tha... »

ClosureTurf Final Cover Systems from AGRU America
ClosureTurf_Agru_Podcast_650w LargeDiameterPipe_Agru_650w_Podcast

PODCAST: The Rise of ClosureTurf® in Final Cover Systems

Landfill engineering has advanced significantly over the past 35 years. Geosynthetic lining, capping, and final cover systems have had a lot to do with the tremendous success landfill operators have had in controlling leachate, protecting groundwater, and improving the long-term economics of active landfills and post-closure care periods. In regards to responsible closure of sites, one of the fast... »

Изобретатели бетонного полотна открыли первый в России демонстрационный парк Concrete Canvas

United Concrete Canvas Russia Opened a Demo Park

Though Concrete Canvas opened a unique demo park near Moscow in Russia in 2016, it wasn’t until mid-way through this year that the company officially announced it. The site, run by United Concrete Canvas Russia, introduces visitors to the wide variety of applications and sectors in which Concrete Canvas rolls are being used: road construction, railways, canal lining, mining, secondary containment ... »

Managing Geomembrane Wrinkles: A Manufacturer’s Approach

VIDEO: A Manufacturing Approach to Geomembrane Wrinkles Management

Earlier this year, Solmax took on a very hot topic with a free webinar: managing geomembrane wrinkles. This session followed the discussion created by a Geosynthetic Institute webinar in which Dr. Robert Koerner spoke strongly against wrinkles left in or left to develop in a geomembrane installation. Solmax delivered a welcomed talk on the manufacturing approach to the subject. Technical manager D... »

Raven Industries - Job Opp - Product Development Engineer

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Raven Seeks to Add Product Development Engineer

Job Opportunity – Product Development Engineer (Raven Industries): For 60 years, Raven has developed, marketed, and produced technical solutions to great challenges. Utilizing our strength in engineering, manufacturing, and technological innovation, Raven today is a leader in precision agriculture, high performance specialty films, and situational awareness markets. Our purpose to Solve Grea... »

Tara van der Peet

11 ICG Young IGS Members Call Extended to October 31

DEADLINE EXTENSION! The 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics, organized by the International Geosynthetics Society’s Korean Chapter, will be held in Seoul, South Korea 16 – 21 September 2018. The Young IGS Members will host a special session during 11 ICG as part of the technical program. The Call for Papers for that special session has been extended to 31 October 2017. Abstracts should ... »

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