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Titan Times 2017 Year in Review - Geosynthetics
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Titan Times 2017 – Radioactive Waste, New Geogrids, and More

In its Titan Times 2017 Year in Review newsletter, Titan Environmental Containment offers plenty to celebrate and a lot to look forward to. The company shares notes on key projects, revisits some product innovations and product line expansions, recognizes a key employee’s retirement, and more. These updates give glimpses not just at a single company but at some of the larger trends in the field. D... »

ISO 14001 Certification - NAUE News, December 2017
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NAUE Earns ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

In its annual year-end newsletter, NAUE Geosynthetics has announced a significant achievement: ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification for its production sites in Germany. The international company manufactures Bentofix® geosynthetic clay liners, Carbofol® geomembranes, Secugrid® geogrids, Combigrid® composite reinforcement materials, and other well-known geosynthetic brands. The global, ... »

AGRU’s XXL Pipe Facility Offers World’s Largest HDPE Pipe Extrusion
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AGRU’s XXL Pipe Facility Offers World’s Largest HDPE Pipe Extrusion

In March, AGRU America announced its major move into large-diameter plastic pipe. The Charleston, South Carolina facility has been producing HDPE pipe since April, but the company held its grand opening not long ago. The event, which was attended by 160 international customers, revealed further information on the innovative site, including news that AGRU’s XXL Pipe Production Facility is equipped ... »

Understanding the Role of MARV in Geosynthetic Specifications
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WEBINAR: Understanding the Role of MARV in Geosynthetic Specifications

The International Geosynthetics Society North American Chapter (IGS North America) will host a webinar on December 19: Understanding the Role of Minimum Average Roll Values (MARV) in Geosynthetic Specifications. Beth Wilbanks (TenCate Geosynthetics) will lead the 1:00 – 2:00 pm EST session. REGISTER ONLINE Download the webinar flyer (PDF) Cost IGS North America Members: FREE Non-members: USD $20 M... »

Технология обнаружения утечки в геомембранах с помощью электрического тока
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Maximizing Electrical Leak Location Effectiveness with Covered Geomembranes

By Abigail Gilson-Beck and Julio Ferreira – Designers of geomembrane-lined containment facilities commonly assume two to five leaks per hectare, with each leak of the size or diameter of a few millimeters. A leak is any damage that fully penetrates a geomembrane panel or seam (e.g. hole, perforation, tear, crack or puncture). Typical leaks caused by equipment placing cover material can be orders o... »

Kerry Rowe Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

Kerry Rowe to Deliver Croce Lecture in Rome

Renowned geotechnical engineering professor Kerry Rowe (Queen’s University, Canada) has been selected to deliver the prestigious Croce Lecture at the Italian Geotechnical Society (Associazione Geotecnica Italiana – AGI) annual conference. The society, which include the Italian Chapter of the IGS, will hold its event 13 December 2017 in Rome. Prof. Rowe has announced his lecture topic: “Envir... »

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