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The pioneer work of LOW & BONAR in the field of geosynthetics goes back several decades, with the first projects in the early 1950’s. Since then, the company has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of geosynthetics for use in the building industry, landscaping and for civil engineering in the areas of erosion control, structural drainage, soil reinforcement, soil stabilization, consolidation also for special applications in waste containment. The know-how we have acquired in using geosynthetic products has led us to be a valued partner to the Engineer today.

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Our geosynthetic product development is based on many years of intensive research and experience in the field of polymer technology and product application. Our products are marketed worldwide under the brand Enka Solutions and includes products like Enkamat, Enka-Force, Enkadrain, Enkagrid and Colbonddrain. Our in-house engineers and trained sales partners provide support for the most diverse projects, always offering the product optimally fulfilling the demands of the specific application.

Our worldwide network of sales offices and partners ensures competent local support, even on the most complex jobs. Fast-response consultancy geared to local conditions enables us to provide tailor-made solutions in close co-operation with our customers.

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Bonar is a supplier of durable high performance nonwovens, roll goods, composites and 3-dimensional products. Our market-leading family of products includes:


  • Enkamat - is a three-dimensional nylon Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) made of polyamide (nylon) filaments joined at the intersections.
  • Enkamat Flatback - Like their open equivalents, Enkamat flatback has a flexible three-dimensional structure of monofilaments fused together where they cross. The difference lies in the flat back produced from monofilaments in an irregular, two-dimensional structure, integrally bonded to the three-dimensional structure.
  • Enkamat A - is a heavier and thicker high performance flatback three-dimensional matting made of polyamide monofilaments pre-filled with a bitumen bound mineral filter of 2-5 mm chippings.
  • Enkamat W - is the name of a range of reinforced Enkamat products. It is a flexible lightweight geocomposite 5.0 m wide consisting of a three-dimensional grip layer and a reinforcing grid or woven fabric. Both components are firmly sewn together.


  • Enkadrain Standard (e.g. Enkadrain B10)Suitable for non-specific applications where detail design may not be required
    • Most product types come packed in small rolls with laying instructions for ease of handling and on-site installation
    • Meets relevant standards for drainage and protection layers
  • Enkadrain Premium (e.g. Enkadrain ST/ TP)Used for civil engineering applications requiring outstanding performance
    • Meets the relevant standards
    • Thickness 10 to 20 mm
    • Reduces soil transmitted noise
  • Enkadrain CK (e.g. Enkadrain CK20)Suitable for special applications in building, tunneling and civil engineering (lost shuttering and tunnel repair)
    • Covered on one side with a water-impermeable layer selected to suit the specific application and function
    • Available as both concrete-resistant and spray concrete-resistant product types
  • Enkadrain Wide (e.g. Enkadrain 5006H/5-2s/T110PP)5 m wide drainage mats mainly used in waste containment and other applications requiring reliable drainage over large horizontal areas
    • Core and filter layers designed specifically for each application, the filter layer being stitched to the core longitudinally at regular intervals
  • Enkadrain Findrain (e.g. Enkadrain Findrain 5006H/1.0+200)Suitable for use as an alternative to a conventional French Drain
    • Designed for a wide range of drain pipe sizes, the drain pipe (not supplied) being drawn into the Findrain by means of an integral cord


  • Enkagrid PRO (e.g. Enkagrid PRO 90)
    • Uniaxial geogrids of extruded polyester bars
    • Suitable for the reinforcement of slopes, embankments and walls with different facings, BBA certified and approved (British Board of Agrément)
    • Available in five different tensile strengths, as a result highly economically efficient in use
  • Enkagrid MAX (e.g. Enkagrid MAX 40)
    • Biaxial geogrid of extruded polypropylene or polyester bars
    • Absorbs forces from dynamic and static loads
    • Suitable for the stabilization of weak soils underneath paved and permanent unpaved roads, structural foundations or embankments
    • Can help to reduce sub-base thickness by up to 30%, depending on local conditions
  • Enkagrid TRC (e.g. Enkagrid TRC 30)
    • Multifunctional biaxial geogrid composite of high-modulus low-elongation Twaron® aramid fibers embedded in a Colback® polyester nonwoven: reinforces, separates and filters
    • Suitable for use in construction haul roads, parking areas or airport runways
    • Outstanding stress-strain ratio to meet the most demanding requirements
    • Allows thinner sub-base layers, extends structure life considerably


  • Colbonddrain - is a 10 cm wide prefabricated vertical drain, consisting of a solid polymer core fully bonded to strong, yet permeable filter layers on both sides. The latest Colbonddrain CX1000 is based on a unique hydraulically designed core profile gained from an innovative extrusion and shaping technique. This core, which sets new standards for soil consolidation has a durable filter fabric fully bonded to the core over its entire surface.


  • Armater - is a flexible geocell made of geotextile fabrics connected to each other reciprocally to form a hexagonal honeycomb structure. The resulting cells can be filled with fertile topsoil, sand, flint or gravel, depending on the specific application.
  • Reinforced Soil at Underground Storage Facilities
    By Low & Bonar – CEPRO a.s., a government-owned major distributor of crude oil in the Czech Republic chose to build a large-capacity underground storage facility in Loukov to improve crude oil supply in the eastern part of country. The challenges of reinforced soil structures around tanks were answered to by Enka Solutions. Safety is critical for storage of combustible liquids and any failure ... »
  • Press Release: Low and Bonar Financial Update
    Low & Bonar (“the Group”), the international performance materials group with leading positions in niche industrial markets, today provides a brief update on trading for the year ended 30 November 2014. The Group expects to report full year results on 3 February 2015. On a constant currency basis, sales were 7.2% ahead of last year (5.5% up on a like-for-like basis excluding Texipl... »
  • Low and Bonar Appoints New CEO
    6 June 2014 – Low & Bonar PLC (the “Group”), the international performance materials group, is pleased to announce the appointment of Brett Simpson as its new Group Chief Executive. Mr. Simpson will join the Company on 26 August 2014 and will replace Steve Good as Group Chief Executive with effect from 8 September 2014. As announced in February, Mr. Good will retire from the ... »
  • Low & Bonar Acquires Texiplast
    Low & Bonar, an international manufacturer of geosynthetic and other materials, has announced its acquisition of Slovakia-based Texiplast, a reinforcement-specialized geosynthetic materials company. The deal is reportedly worth €18.9m ($25 million) on a debt-free basis. In its release, Low & Bonar highlights Texiplast’s longevity (founded in 1938) and growing position in reinforcemen... »

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