HueskerFor over 150 years, HUESKER has operated as a family-owned, global geosynthetics manufacturer. The company is known for its system solutions that provide long-term design strength and durability. HUESKER offers the most complete line of geogrids, geocomposites, and geotextiles, delivering cost-effective geotechnical engineering solutions.

Major HUESKER business units include Earthworks and Foundations, Roads and Pavements, Environmental Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Industry & Agriculture and Mining. For more information on HUESKER please visit or call 800-942-9418.



Company Information

SoilTain® Dewatering Tubes

Ringtrac® (GECs-Geotextile Encased Columns)




Fortrac® - Geogrid for Soil Reinforcement
Fortrac 3D® - Geogrid for Veneer Stability and Erosion Protection
Fornit® Biaxial Geogrid - Base and Subbase Reinforcement
HaTelit® - Geogrid Composite Asphalt Reinforcement
Minegrid® - Longwalls, support ribs, and reinforced highwalls for mines and quarries

Ringtrac® - Geotextile-Encased Column for Reinforced Foundation Support
SoilTain® Coastal Protection - Technical Textile Tube System for Coastal Protection
SoilTain® Dewatering - Dewatering Tube for a Variety of Sludge Types
Stabilenka® - High-quality, Water-permeable Woven for Soil Reinforcement

Canal3® - Geocomposite for Water Containment
Incomat® - Geosynthetic concrete mattress
Tektoseal® Active - Environmental Protection, Remediation and Hydraulic Applications with Active Geocomposites (e.g., activated carbon, calcium phosphate, oil-absorbing polymers)
Ultimat® TGS - Geocomposite for Green Roofs
Ultimat® - Nonwoven for Puncture Protection, Separation, and Filtration


  • International Management Moves Highlight HUESKER’s Expansion
    Following a few years of significant manufacturing investments around the world, HUESKER has announced major transitions in its international management team. Sven Schröer, who has led an enormous endeavor at HUESKER Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina—including tripling the primary US manufacturing site’s space—will return to the global headquarters in Gescher, Germany, where he will now serve as a... »
  • GeoForum Charlotte 2018 – Only a Few Seats Remain
    Charlotte, North Carolina-based HUESKER continues its annual series of high-level networking and geosynthetics discussions with GeoForum Charlotte 2018. The event will be held 17 – 19 October 2018 in Charlotte, with day one featuring a happy hour, day two a full-day of technical lectures and a dinner, and day three a tour of the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in nearby Shelby. T... »
  • Jim Olsta to Receive D18 Standards Development Award
    Jim Olsta is a veteran presence in the geosynthetics field, particularly in regards to barrier solutions that utilize clays (e.g., geosynthetic clay liners). He has also carved out a strong reputation as a consensus builder with ASTM International committees, and those years of work will be recognized this June. During the ASTM D18 Committee on Soil and Rock meetings in San Diego, California, Jim ... »
  • GeoPASS II Delivered a High-Level, Diverse Technical Seminar
    On the heels of ASCE’s GeoCarolinas conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, locally headquartered HUESKER delivered a high-level technical seminar and networking event. The gathering GeoPASS II, followed the previous year’s format: a strong list of invited speakers for a day-long seminar, a diverse range of topics, a limited attendee list representing various perspectives and specialties in the f... »
  • Geosynthetic Support Pad Offers More Than 800 t Capacity
    HUESKER has developed a geosynthetic support pad (Fortrac Heavy Load). The system has been engineered for storing extra-heavy units, such as monopoles for offshore wind turbines or ship components. The load capacity of this geosynthetic support pad is greater than 800 t. “Traditional constructions with custom-made steel and concrete support posts tend to be very expensive,” the company writes. “[T... »

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