The lining technologies business unit of CETCO has been a leading manufacturer of geosynthetic clay liners for 25 years. We offer a full range of engineered environmental liner systems including geosynthetic clay liners, pond liners, drainage geocomposites, geotextiles and bentonite soil sealants.

In addition to offering high quality products, CETCO provides unparalleled engineering support. Our technical staff is expertly trained in specification review and can offer testing or design assistance. Additionally, CETCO maintains a full library of technical resources to assist you on your next project.

Expand beyond traditional lining technologies and find out how CETCO geosynthetic clay liners can help you.

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Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) - CETCO geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) are types of geocomposite that are frequently used in envrionmental containment applications and are an alternative to a traditional compacted clay liner. CETCO GCLs consist of two layers of geotextiles surrounding a layer of low permeability sodium bentonite that are needlepunched together to increase shear resistance. CETCO has engineered range of technologies to address chemical resistance for various aggressive leachate types.The technologies ranges from dry polymer/clay blends to engineered bentonite-polymer alloys (BPA). GCL products include:

  • Continuum™ - For extremely aggressive leachate environments
  • Resistex™ - For moderately aggressive leachate environments
  • Bentomat® - For mildly aggressive leachate environments
  • InterLoK™ - For mildly aggressive leachate environments with ultra low permeability requirements

Pond Liners - AKWASEAL® is a pond liner consisting of a layer of bentonite encapsulated between two textiles which are needle-punched together. A flexible membrane liner is laminated to one of the geotextiles. The result is an easy-to-install, self-healing, self-seaming liner that requires very little maintenance. The swelling properties of the bentonite clay and cushioning of the textiles eliminate the need for seam welding and underlayments.

Geotextiles - CETCO nonwoven geotextiles are produced in state-of-the-art production facilities and are needle-punch manufactured with chemically resistant polypropylene staple fiber to produce premium grade products. Non-woven geotextiles can be applied in multiple-component waste-containment bottom-liner systems and cover and closure systems. They help prevent puncture of the geomembrane component as well as provide separation between dissimilar soil, liner, and aggregate materials. They can also be used as filters to minimize the clogging of granular drainage materials and as components of synthetic drainage systems. In some cases, non-woven geotextiles can be installed below the barrier layer as a component of a multilayer gas venting system to prevent the accumulation of gas pressure.

Geocomposites - TEXDRAIN™ is a chemically resistant composite comprised of a three-dimensional extruded polyethylene geonet core, thermally laminated to non-woven geotextiles on either one or both surfaces. In landfill cover systems TEXDRAIN geocomposites drain surface water away from the barrier layer decreasing percolation of water into the waste. TEXDRAIN geocomposites may be used as a gas venting layer below the barrier layer to prevent the build-up of gases generated by degrading waste or underlying soils. In landfill bottom liner systems TEXDRAIN is used above the primary liner for leachate drainage and as a leak detection layer between primary and secondary liners. In liquid impoundments TexDrain may be used underneath the primary liner as the leak detection layer.

Additional Products

  • VOLCLAY® Bentonite Soil Sealants - VOLCLAY soil sealants are granular sodium bentonite products manufactured by CETCO that provide economical, low permeability soil liners for a wide variety of containment applications. VOLCLAY bentonite soil sealants can be utilized for a number of different applications including reservoirs, secondary containment, agricultural waste containment, ponds, slurry trenching, or wastewater treatment lagoons, just to name a few. Where there is erosion potential from run-off, inlet flow, aerators or other factors, the soil mixture should be protected by a cover layer. Because of the high swelling capacity of VOLCLAY bentonite soil sealants, only a small amount is needed to reduce the hydraulic conductivity of the onsite soils.
  • EZ Roller - Easy Roller is a patented system designed to improve the productivity of geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) installations. The two counter-rotating rollers cradle the GCL with a start/stop feature that allows for roll tensioning, wrinkle removal, and 24 inches of side shift capability for overlap placement. The reverse operation feature enables the rewinding of GCL rolls. Advantage: quicker installation, reduced labor force, and improved worker safety (minimized heavy loading)

GCL Seminars
At CETCO we believe in the products we make and in making sure that you have the most up-to-date knowledge on how they can be used in a wide variety of applications. For this reason, CETCO holds dozens of training seminars and schools throughout the year. At this time we do not have any GCL seminars scheduled but check back soon because we are planning our fall seminar now. In the meantime, for a customized seminar in your office please contact:

Rachel Holik
Office: +1 847 851 1841
Mobile: +1 847 217 3873

  • Coal Ash Rules and Engineering Webinar, November 15
    CETCO is supporting a free, November 15 webinar on US Federal Coal Ash Rules — Engineering and Design Considerations. The discussion will be led by Dr. John Daniels (Univ. of North Carolina – Charlotte), John Allen, P.E. (CETCO), and Bob Trauger, P.E. (consultant). Topics to be covered include: EPA CCR Rule Overview Ongoing rule litigation and State implementation plans Understanding the Rule’s de... »
  • PODCAST: Coal Combustion Residuals and GCLs
    Geosynthetica’s Director, Elizabeth Peggs, interviewed Dr. Craig Benson (University of Virginia) and engineer John Allen (CETCO) about coal combustion residuals (CCRs) and new barrier system regulations governing CCR handling and storage. Both Benson and Allen will be at the Coal Ash Management Forum on July 21 and 22 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Benson is a speaker at the event. In their discuss... »
  • GCLs Continue to Influence Barrier Designs
    The use of geosynthetic clay liners–GCLs–in engineered barrier systems has broadened substantially. Part of this growth has been fueled by a long record of successful performance. And, as with other geosynthetics, the growth has also been supported by numerous manufacturing and design advances. These have enabled GCLs to be far more application and site-specific today. GCLS & BENTO... »
  • REVIEW: Geosynthetics Middle East 2015
    The 7th edition of the international conference and exhibition Geosynthetics Middle East 2015 (GeoME 2015) once again turned the capital of the United Arab Emirates—Abu Dhabi—into an international meeting place for geotechnical and environmental experts. The event attracted more than 400 industry experts and 35 countries. The strong attendance, plus a sold out exhibition, underscored why the confe... »
  • Awards Enhance Geosynthetics Middle East Status
    The GeoME Awards were held at Geosynthetics Middle East 2015. While the event was the 7th in the annual series, it marked the first time for the GeoME Awards were presented. The addition was well-received. The final nominees and the winning projects represented a broad range of projects and materials. The two-day event was held 16 – 17 November 2015 in Abu Dhabi under the Patronage of Abu Dhabi Mu... »

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