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Since 1988, Georgetown, SC–based Agru America, Inc. has been the world’s leading manufacturer of flat die extrusion geomembranes, geonets, geocomposites, geotextiles, geo clay liners, concrete protective liners and fittings. The company also supplies vertical barrier systems and piping systems for the U.S. and international civil/environmental markets.

Agru America’s state-of-the-art products include Agru Smooth Liner® / MicroSpike® (structured textured products), Super Gripnet®, and Drain Liner® in both LLDPE and HDPE. In addition, the company’s extensive product line includes the ClosureTurf® system, an innovative and economical final cover system designed in partnership with Watershed Geosynthetics for impoundment and landfill applications.

Agru America is part of Alois Gruber GmbH, an Austrian family-owned business since 1948 with production facilities in Austria, the U.S., Germany, China and India, and distribution in over 80 countries worldwide.

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Quality Assurance
Strict quality control of incoming raw materials and factory production of geomembranes ensures the continuous production of high quality Agru America products. All Agru America geomembranes are manufactured to meet or exceed the test values, frequency of testing and functional requirements of the Geosynthetic Institute Specifications GRI GM 13 (HDPE) and GRI GM 17 (LLDPE) protocol.

Highest quality installation of Agru America’s smooth or structured geomembranes is of paramount importance to provide the project owner the level of security the containment requires. Welding on site is performed by experienced installation contractors using hot wedge and extrusion welding machines in accordance with established installation and quality control procedures. We have supplied a list of installation contractors and our quality control guidelines.

Technical Support
Agru America provides technical support to engineers, owners and installation contractors during not only the design phase but as follow-up after project completion. Call us for answers to your questions about Agru America’s quality geomembranes.
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