Transportation Engineering

No Road to Te Poho-o-Rawiri Marae

It's a mouthful and it's off limits for the time being. Important portside transportation construction in New Zealand has blocked off an old road with a geogrid reinforced and wrapped wall. John Jones, writing for the Gisborne Herald, seems a touch confused by his introduction to the materials. Learn more here.; »

Tensar Exclusive: GlasPave

Tensar International Corporation (TIC), a leading developer and manufacturer of technology-driven site solutions, has expanded its pavement reinforcement capabilities with the addition of the GlasPave™ Waterproofing Paving Mat, new from Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics (SGTF). The GlasPave™ mat joins SGTF’s well-established GlasGrid® Pavement Reinforcement System, used to reduce reflective cracking ... »

Booster Dispute, But Better Parking

Now this is a Friday story: Tecumseh High School in Tecumseh, Oklahoma is the scene of some bad blood between rival booster clubs--one representing the band, one athletics--but also of better parking lot management. While concession stand sales are a sour subject, the school board did opt to improve gravel parking lots at the new field with a geotextile underlay. Learn more here.; »

Williston Deal

The Williston City Commission has agreed to install a pond liner on a municipal golf course holding pond that has been leaking onto airport property. The drainage issue has impaired the airport's ability to improve runway capacity--a $14 million expansion project the city has been determined to begin. The liner will halt the long as they install it properly. Though time presses, one h... »

Geotextiles to Save Road

In Stark County, Ohio, a busy roadway has been closed again for flooding. Now, the county engineer's plan to elevate a critical section of the road by six feet is gaining support. Piles were considered too expensive, but a plan to adopt a geotextile design has found numerous funding channels. Learn more here.; »

Vietnam to Invest in Environment

A recent conference encouraged the government of Vietnam to invest considerably in more sustainable business practices and the environment. Representatives form 18 economic sectors, including civil engineering, aquaculture, transportation, and mining, estimated that 120 trillion VND (USD$5.3 billion) was needed for environmental protection. Greater regulation is also thought to be needed. Learn mo... »

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