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The Use of Secondary Geogrid Reinforcement in MSE Walls

The Year So Far: Most Popular Geosynthetics Stories

We’ve rounded the corner into the second half of 2017, so it’s time to take stock of what Geosynthetica’s readers have made our most popular geosynthetics stories. Last year was the publication’s biggest year in overall unique readers and in page views, and 2017 has sustained that momentum. We are currently trending another 18% higher on 2016 and 65% greater than in this same period in 2015.... »

Photo of large-scale erosion testing by TRI Environmental, which is researching pullout anchor testing

PODCAST: Pullout Anchor Testing in Erosion and Sediment Control

Jay Sprague of the South Carolina-based Denver Down Research Facility took on a private client’s pullout anchor testing questions with erosion and sediment control systems and components. The results began to yield revealing data on anchor pullout performance, and in a way that has not been previously explored. Listen to “Pullout Anchor Testing in Erosion and Sediment Control” on Sprea... »

Image of geogrid interaction flexibility in soil - HUESKER
InteractionFlexibility_Huesker_650w InteractionFlexibility_Huesker_b_650w

Defining Interaction Flexibility for Geogrid-Reinforced Structures

By HUESKER – Key properties in effective geosynthetic reinforcement are adequate tensile stiffness and tensile strength coupled with good interaction behavior. The relatively new technical term interaction flexibility introduces a previously disregarded aspect: the flexibility of the geogrid in a reinforced structure. This property has been shown to improve the interaction between soils and the ge... »

Image of railway construction supported by geotextile-encased stone columns
Brazil_GeotextileColumns_650w Brazil_GeotextileColumns_b_650w Brazil_GeotextileColumns_c_650w

Geotextile-Encased Stone Columns for Railway Passage MSE Walls

Cobramseg is a biennial geotechnical engineering event in Brazil that combines multiple national and international engineering conferences. It’s one of South America’s most important engineering gatherings. At the 2016 edition, Ana Carolina Portela Costa, Ary Franck Baia Cordeiro, Leonardo Campos Dias, and Julián Buriticá García of Dinamiza Consultoria e Engenharia Ltda and Renato Pinto da Cunha o... »

A Primer on Soil and Geotextile Filter Design for MSE Walls

MSE Wall Failures vis-à-vis the Lack of Geotechnical Filters

By Dr. Robert M. Koerner – Since 2001, the Geosynthetic Institute has accumulated data on failures of geosynthetic-reinforced mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls. Our MSE wall failures database presently has 301 cases, of which 191 (63%) have been caused in whole or part by water within, or adjacent to, the reinforced soil zone. We sincerely hope that our past writings and webinars... »

Photo by Bruno Pedroni of BW Expo and the Geosynthetics Pavilion
BWExpo_Sobratema_650w BWExpo_Sobratema_b_650w BWExpo_Sobratema_c_650w

Looking Back on the Geosynthetics Pavilion and Summit in Brazil

The mid-June BW Expo 2017 brought thousands of civil and environmental engineering professionals to São Paulo, where they encountered a first: a Geosynthetics Pavilion. Geosynthetica’s Brazil-market publication organized the pavilion to introduce the materials and some key companies to the gathering. The BW Expo focused on sustainability in water, waste, air, and energy. It was co-located with the... »

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