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Geohazard Monitoring and Instrumentation Webinar, Part II
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Geohazard Monitoring and Instrumentation Webinar, Part II

The Association of Geohazard Professionals (AGHP) will be present Part II of its Geohazard Monitoring and Instrumention Webinar, featuring Steve Borron, on 16 May 2017 at 2:00 pm (EDT). The hour-long session will focus on “Landslide Examples Showing How Near Real-time TinSAR Data and Movement Trend Analysis Can Decrease Risk.”  Steve Borron is Principle Geologist at Global Slope Monito... »

Geosynthetics 2017 Issues Calls for Abstracts
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Geosynthetics 2017 Issues Call for Abstracts

The organizers of Geosynthetics 2017, the First International Conference on Technology and Application of Geosynthetics, have invited abstracts of 200 – 300 words in either English or Spanish. Deadline for submission: May 4. The conference will be held 18 – 20 October 2017 Hotel Grand Hyatt in Santiago, Chile. SUBMIT ABSTRACTS ONLINE GEOSYNTHETICS 2017 TOPICS & SPONSORS The organizing committe... »

Upcoming Engineering Webinars from HUESKER
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Upcoming Geosynthetics Engineering Webinars from HUESKER

Webinars have grown significantly in their use for technical knowledge transfer, engineering training, and product and application introduction. HUESKER has been one of the active geosynthetics companies offering engineering webinars. The company is in the middle of a slate of new sessions, all of which are available free to participants. The 30-minute sessions in April and May will focus on irrig... »

GeoAfrica 2017 - IGS

GeoAfrica 2017 Expands Registration Payment Options

Responding to requests from the many international delegates who will attend and exhibit at GeoAfrica 2017, the conference committee has announced that payment by credit card is now available in the online registration system. REGISTER ONLINE GeoAfrica 2017 will be held 8 – 11 October 2017 in Marrakech, Morocco. The conference, which is centered on the theme of “Geosynthetics in Sustai... »

The Use of Secondary Geogrid Reinforcement in MSE Walls
Fig1_SecondaryReinforcement_Slope_Tencate_550w Fig2_SecondaryReinforcement_MSE_Tencate_550w Fig3_SecondaryReinforcement_Spacing_Tencate_550w Fig4_SecondaryReinforcement_PrimaryMSE_Tencate_550w Fig5_SecondaryReinforcement_PortoloSouth_Tencate_550w Fig6_SecondaryReinforcement_TypicalMSE_Tencate_550w Fig7_SecondaryReinforcement_PortolaTerraced_Tencate_550w Fig8_SecondaryReinforcement_PortolaWallFace_Tencate_550w Fig9_SecondaryReinforcement_TypicalPCM_Tencate_550w Fig10_SecondaryReinforcement_RockeryWall_Tencate_550w Table1_SecondaryReinforcement_Tencate_710w

Secondary Geogrid Reinforcement in MSE Walls

By Paul C. Frankenberger, P.E.; Matthew M. Merritt, P.E.; and Mark Myers, P.E. – The concept of secondary geogrid layers located at the face of a mechanically stabilized earth wall is similar to the use of secondary geogrid reinforcement in MSE reinforced slopes. In slopes, the secondary geogrid layers are used to stabilize the slope face between the primary geogrid layers. The result is closely s... »

Geosynthetics in Road Construction

2nd Geosynthetics in Road Construction Examines Russian Market

The 2nd Geosynthetics in Road Construction conference will be held 19 May 2017 in Moscow at the InterContinental Moscow Tverskaya. The international event follows last year’s successful debut for the event, which is helping introduce wider discussion and adoption of geosynthetics in the large Russian transportation engineering market. It is also helping better link international countries with par... »

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