Engineering Property Evaluation of Geogrids in Reinforcement System

Transportation Conference – Reinforced Soils Session: New concept bidirectional geogrids were manufactured through combination of arrangement
and coating of high tenacity polyester yarns. These new concept bidirectional geogrids have
advantages of textile and membrane type geogrids for evaluation of application fields and
long-term design allowable tensile strength from mechanical properties. For retaining wall
and slope construction method, experimental construction and measurement were discussed
and reanalyzed. We evaluated and verified more systematically the properties and
applications and construction stability of these bidirectional geogrids. Firstly, requiring
engineering properties and performance of bidirectional geogrids, we selected the most
suitable industrial yarn and developed newly coating condition, especially, manufactured
excellent engineering properties of bidirectional geogrids with continuous manufacturing
process system. Secondly, direct shear test and pull-out test are adopted to estimate frictional
behavior and long-term design allowable tensile strength of these bidirectional geogrids is
estimated. Also, we examined installation damage and creep behaviors to review the
extension of application end-uses. All the test methods of this study were done to certify with
GCI-PCP of GSI and adopted the draft for bidirectional geogrids written by GSI
(Geosynthetic Institute, Folsom, PA, USA).


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