Reinforcement Geosynthetics

Plant Mats Clean Manure

Experiments from the Agricultural Research Service (ARS), have shown how even crudely constructed floating plant mats help remove dangerous nitrogen and phosporous from manure lagoons. Such a system might be commoditized with the help of geosynthetic grids, vegetated turf reinforcement mats, and other established products. Learn more here.; »

GIGSA Newsletter

The July 2006 issue of the South African Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society is now available. »

ESCN Update

The latest episode of Land & Water's Erosion and Sediment Control Network (ESCN) TV news is available online. This week's topics: controlling erosion and stormwater runoff on landfill caps; exemptions for stormwater permits to homebuilders; and modified riprap. Watch it online. Learn more here.; »

Nothing to Bank on

In Austinburg Township, Ohio, part of a roadway embankment has fallen into the adjacent creek. Galvanized mesh and geotextile material will be used in the rebuild and reinforcement. Read about it in the Star Beacon. Learn more here.; »

Geotextile as Functional Art

Architects and designers Will Elsworthy, Steven Wood, and Rob Gorbet have created an installation called Implant Matrix, a peculiar structure that incorporate synthetics, such as geotextiles, and electric nodes that cause the structure to react to users. The designers posit that these technologies could be used in the future for landscaping and reinforcement applications. Take a photo tour online.... »

Grounded Literature

North American Green's "Green Views" information series concisely addresses a number of engineering topics such as the economics of erosion control blankets and mats, EC installation, and EC interaction with golf course construction. Download here the Green Views item on turf reinforcement mats as an alternative to riprap. More are available at NA Green's Web site. Learn more here.; »

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