Reinforcement Geosynthetics

Geogrids in the News

In Cumming, Georgia, the construction of a 24,000 square-foot retail center required plenty of drainage support and land management. An 850-foot-long, 20-foot-high block wall was constructed along a cut for the back of the site. Geogrid reinforcement was installed. Learn more here.; »

Protecting Cancun

Roughly 1200 meters of geotextile tubes will be installed along Cancun beaches as part of an erosion control protection scheme. Cancun lost much of its beach sand after Hurricane Wilma (October 2005). Restoring sand cost $20 million. The tube reinforcement design will cost roughly $1 million. Cancun is also the site of the 1st Pan American conference, GeoAmericas 2008. Learn more here.; »

Synthetics and Biodegradables

The mix of erosion control materials available on the market is great. Depending on the needed functional longevity, grade, water velocity and cost, project teams may prefer to mix short-term and permanent devices, reports Tara Beechem in Erosion Control. Colbond's Enkamat turf reinforcement mats is one of the materials noted in the article. Read it online. Learn more here.; »

Blanket Statements

Roberta Baxter explores several projects that have employed erosion control products in a variety of settings and conditions. Read the Erosion Control magazine article that highlights the products of the following Underwriters: North American Green, Colbond, East Coast Erosion Blankets and Propex. Learn more here.; »

Golfing on Geo

The 73rd Masters Tournament begins today, Thursday, in Augusta, Georgia. Did you know that geosynthetics often play a role on golf courses? Pond liners, netting to reduce erosion of sand traps, vegetated erosion blankets and turf reinforcement mats (TRMs), and much more. North American Green even has a golf products series. Learn more here.; »

The Latest from EC

The latest issue of Erosion Control magazine includes a turf reinforcement mat (TRM) article with citations to Underwriters Colbond, East Coast Erosion Blankets, North American Green, and Propex. Read the article at the link below to learn more about the materials profiled in the piece. Learn more here.; »

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