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A Story of Safety and Geosynthetics Installation - ESI and TVA
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Safety and Geosynthetics Installation

Over the past 22 years, Environmental Specialties International, Inc. (ESI) has built itself into a top-tier installer of geosynthetic liner materials for environmental containment applications in the United States. The company notes that it has now installed more than 2.5 billion ft.2 geosynthetic materials (>55,000 acres). One of the hallmarks of its growth has been an emphasis on safety. In ... »

WEBINAR: Pond Liner System Design and Operation

REMINDER: Pond Liner System Design and Operation Webinar, January 30

DON’T MISS THIS WEBINAR OPPORTUNITY! Though pond lining applications are common, the proper design and operation of a pond liner system requires great care. A large number of facilities in need of liquid containment are sensitive sites at which pond leakage could result in heavy repair costs, operational shutdowns, and environmental damage. The North American Chapter of the International Geo... »

Business Profile: Titan Environmental Containment

New Ownership, Location, and Key Hire for Titan Environmental

In its 2017 year-end newsletter, Titan Environmental hinted at some positive changes coming to the company. More details are emerging, and they include an announcement of new ownership. Company co-founders Brett Burkard and Kelly Sitarz are still involved, certainly; but they have now welcomed the addition of Juice Lambert (VP of Sales) and Derek Bishop (Chief Financial Officer) to Titan’s ownersh... »

Desludging Wastewater Ponds Using Geotextile Dewatering Bags
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Desludging Wastewater Ponds Using Geotextile Dewatering Bags

By Johnny Oriokot, Donovan Bate, and Gerard Dirks – When wastewater treatment ponds reach their capacity, the options available are either to build new or empty existing facilities. These ponds must be desludged to make available additional space for waste. Strict environmental regulations in wastewater treatment, though necessary, can complicate carrying out functional upgrades to a facility. Her... »

Presto Geosystems Releases a Porous Pavement Design Assistant

Presto Geosystems Releases a Porous Pavement Design Assistant

Porous pavement solutions have drawn considerable interest in communities for the green engineering benefits they provide. Porous pavements can greatly reduce stormwater runoff by enabling a high infiltration or percolation rate of water into underlying soils. The permeability of these systems can also trap suspended solids, thus filtering them out of any residual runoff so water that is shed is c... »

Lining a South African Mine’s Gravity Thickener Tank Floor
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Lining a South African Mine’s Gravity Thickener Tank Floor

The gravity thickener infrastructure at Exxaro’s Grootegeluk mine in Lephalale, South Africa plays a pivotal role in the recycling of water used for settlement of fines generated through fragmentation (blasting from mining) and degradation (handling processes in pit and plant; loading of trucks, bunkers, silos, chutes, transfer points). When the site operator’s maintenance program deemed it necess... »

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