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GeoPASS II Returns with a Strong Geotechnical Program – October 11
CapConstructionGeosynthetics_Huesker_650w DewateringGeotextileTubes_Huesker_650w

GeoPASS II Offers a Strong Geotechnical Program – October 11

Last year, Charlotte, North Carolina-based HUESKER hosted a high-level, invitation-only geosynthetics technical networking event called GeoPASS. The inaugural series delivered top-tier lectures and perspectives on diverse topics such as the Limit Equilibrium Design Framework, coal ash disposal, contractor’s views on geosynthetics in geotechnical engineering, and more. GeoPASS II, to be held Octobe... »

Storm Cistern Slope Protection with a GCCM in Mexico
SlopeProtection_Mexico_ConcreteCanvas_1_650w SlopeProtection_Mexico_ConcreteCanvas_2_575w SlopeProtection_Mexico_ConcreteCanvas_3_575w SlopeProtection_Mexico_ConcreteCanvas_4_575w SlopeProtection_Mexico_ConcreteCanvas_5_650w

Storm Cistern Slope Protection with a GCCM

In February 2017, Concrete Canvas® Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (GCCM) was used for slope protection in a storm cistern in the Airport Industrial Park of Colón in Querétaro, Mexico. The urbanization of the Industrial Park PIA Airport by AM Developers required a rainwater catchment area for infiltration or for its treatment and reuse. This area was thought of as a storm cistern, in which... »

Расчеты армогрунтовой стены на слабом основании - Е.В. Федоренко
Miakom_Table1_CalculationsReinforcedWall_550w Miakom_Table2_CalculationsReinforcedWall_550w Miakom_Table3_CalculationsReinforcedWall_550w Miakom_Pic1_CalculationsReinforcedWall_650w Miakom_Pic2_CalculationsReinforcedWall_650w Miakom_Pic3_CalculationsReinforcedWall_650w Miakom_Pic3b_CalculationsReinforcedWall_650w Miakom_Pic4_CalculationsReinforcedWall_690w Miakom_Pic5_CalculationsReinforcedWall_650w Miakom_Pic6_CalculationsReinforcedWall_650w Miakom_Pic7_CalculationsReinforcedWall_650w Miakom_Pic8_CalculationsReinforcedWall_650w Miakom_Pic9_CalculationsReinforcedWall_650w Miakom_Pic3_Combined_CalculationsReinforcedWall_650w

Расчеты армогрунтовой стены на слабом основании

Е.В. Федоренко – Армогрунтовые подпорные стены устраиваются, как правило, в случаях ограниченного места в зоне откосной части насыпи или в виде устоев мостов с раздельными функциями [4]. В тех случаях, когда грунты основания считаются слабыми, АГС устраивают на свайном фундаменте, однако при большой протяженности участка трассы на слабом основании с вертикальным откосом стоимость такой конст... »

Maccaferri Water Storage Basin in Mexico

Project: HDPE Geomembranes Secure Storage Basin in Mexico

An intense dry season across the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico, led to a water shortage in the community of El Muerto and San Juan. Without sufficient rainfall, the danger was that the future supply from the reservoirs would be incrementally reduced. To be prepared for these eventualities, a storage basin was proposed to collect water, storing it for future use when required. The contractor, San... »

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Chungsik Yoo and Erol Güler Discuss Underground Construction

VIDEO: Chungsik Yoo and Erol Güler Discuss Underground Construction

At EuroGeo 6, the International Geosythetics Society recorded one of its “Two for a Few” installments, which brings together field experts for brief talk on a high-level issue. This time around, IGS Vice President Prof. Chungsik Yoo and IGS Council Member Dr. Fazli Erol Güler sat down to discuss geosynthetics in underground construction. Dr. Güler opens the 9:00-minute conversation by asking Prof.... »

How RUSLE 2 Benefits Ag, Mining, Urban Design, and Other Sectors
Lightle_Podcast_USDA_Erosion_650w Lightle_Podcast_USDA_Erosion_b_650w

How RUSLE2 Benefits Ag, Mining, Urban Design, and Other Sectors

Nearly 80 years of erosion data in the United States informs the massive RUSLE2 database, led by the US Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service. In this episode, Dave Lightle shares his 40+ years of experience with the RUSLE2 mathematical prediction tool for erosion processes and better land management planning, including how the system extended beyond being a tool... »

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