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High-Strength Geotextiles in Infrastructure

JOB OPPORTUNITY: TenCate Geosynthetics Seeks Engineering Business Manager

TenCate Geosynthetics, one of the world’s largest geosynthetics manufacturer and engineering service providers, seeks to add an engineering business manager in the United States. For more information or to submit a letter and application, contact Brett Odgers: TENCATE ENGINEERING BUSINESS MANAGER DETAILS The Engineering Business Manager is responsible for marketing TenCate Geo... »

General Recommendations for the Use of Geomembranes in Barrier Systems

Translated: General Recommendations for Geomembranes in Barrier Systems

The International Geosynthetics Society’s French Chapter (CFG – Le Comité Français des Géosynthétiques) has published an English-language version of its key document Fascicle 10, “General recommendations for the use of geomembranes in barrier systems.”  The resource, which is free for downloading on the IGS French Chatper’s website, pertains to design, construction, and site inspection. The ... »

Roadway Slope Erosion Control in the Port d’Envalira Mountain Pass
PortEnvalira_Maccaferri_a_650w PortEnvalira_Maccaferri_b_650w

Roadway Slope Erosion Control in the Port d’Envalira Mountain Pass

The problem of slope superficial instability at the Port d’Envalira mountain pass in Andorra has been solved with a geomat erosion control solution. Maccaferri’s MacMat® product provided the environment to enhance the growth of vegetation through the mat. After a year in the field, the slope has successfully revegetated. By Maccaferri – Port of Envalira is a mountain pass and the highest paved roa... »

Photo of Graphene-Enhanced Geotextile Installation. Photo by Geofabrics Australasia.

Graphene-Enhanced Geotextiles Coming to US with Haydale Agreement

Australia-based Imagine Intelligent Materials has quickly scaled up production of its innovative imgne® X3 coating. The product has enabled the manufacture of the world’s first graphene-enhanced geotextiles, which are currently being manufactured by Geofabrics Australasia. Now, an agreement between Imagine IM and Haydale Technologies Inc. will bring this manufacturing potential to North America. H... »

Geosynthetics 2017

Success of Geosynthetics 2017 Sets the Stage for 2018 Edition in Chile

Geosynthetics 2017, the First International Conference on Technology and Application of Geosynthetics, took place in Santiago, Chile 18 – 20 October 2017. The event met all of its inaugural expectations, enjoyed strong industry support, and featured a wide-range of topics and international representation in the short courses and technical programs. Roughly 50 papers (English and Spanish language) ... »

High-Strength Geotextiles in Infrastructure

Геотекстиль играет своими мускулами

Геотекстиль разрабатывался и применялся в гражданских инженерных проектах с начала 1950-х годов. Геотекстиль имеет функции защиты и смягчения удара, фильтрации и дренажа, а также разделяет различные земляные слои. Некоторые геосинтетические проекты и вовсе не имеют геотекстильных компонентов. Геосинтетика применяется так часто, что уже стала товаром широкого потребления. Не смотря на это, научно-м... »

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