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Coming Soon: Graphene-Enhanced Geotextiles

Successful Field Trial for Graphene-Enhanced Geotextiles

The first field trial in Australia for conductive geotextiles enhanced with graphene have been a success, Imagine IM reports. The company, which built Australia’s first commercial scale graphene production plant this year, has worked with Australia’s largest geosynthetics manufacturer (Geofabrics Australasia) to create this new type of geotextile. The trial was conducted August 18 in Melbourne. Th... »

IGS Educate the Educators Brings Geosynthetics to Brazilian Universities
Brazil_EducateEducators_July2016_Instructors_550w Brazil_EducateEducators_July2016_Students1_550w Brazil_EducateEducators_July2016_Students2_550w Brazil_EducateEducators_July2016_Students3_550w

IGS Educate the Educators Brings Geosynthetics to Brazilian Universities

By Bruno Pedroni – During the last days of July, when many in Brazil are typically on vacation, more than 50 people gathered for the IGS Educate the Educators geosynthetics program at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) in Belo Horizonte (MG). The program, which was the first of its kind in the country, was held July 27 – 29. Educate the Educators is a program developed by the Internatio... »

Electrically Conductive Drainage Geocomposites for Oil Sands Tailings
SAGEOS_AfitexOilSandsResearch_550w SAGEOS_AfitexOilSandsResearch_800w SAGEOS_AfitexOilSandsResearch2_800w

Electrically Conductive Drainage Geocomposites for Oil Sands Tailings

By Patricia Dolez, Eric Blond, and Pascal Saunier – Management of tailings, such as in oil sands operations, is one of the major operational and environmental challenges faced by the mining industry. The consolidation rate of the high water-content tailings is generally limited by their high physical stability and low hydraulic conductivity. Extended laboratory work conducted in the last three yea... »

GSE to Expand Geonet and Geocomposite Manufacturing Capacity
GSE_GeocompositeCoalDrain_550w GSE_GeocompositeManufacturing_550w

GSE to Expand Geonet and Geocomposite Manufacturing Capacity

The Kingstree, South Carolina manufacturing facility of GSE Environmental is about to get even busier. The company announced on August 22 that it is adding a new geonent and geocomposite manufacturing line to the site. The move, which will support production of GSE’s full suite of biplanar and triplanar products, is in response to surging market demand for engineered drainage solutions. The South ... »

CQA Week Geosynthetic Protection and Covering

Geosynthetic Protection and Covering Lecture at MoDNR

Mark Sieracke of Weaver Consultants Group will provide a special keynote lecture focused on Geosynthetic Protection and Covering on Thursday, September 8. The talk is part of CQA Week professional development events in Jefferson City, Missouri. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) is hosting this round of CQA Week engineering training 7 – 9 September 2016. The program is open to th... »

Polymer-Enhanced GCL for a Wet Process Ash Impoundment

Polymer-Enhanced GCL for Wet Process Ash Impoundment

By GSE Environmental – An innovative geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) was used for the containment of wet process ash at a 3,520 MW facility in the Southeastern United States. The wet process ash project involved roughly 1,000,000 ft.2 of GSE Bentoliner CAR (Coal Ash Resistant) GCL. The facility owner wanted an impoundment design that would conform to any potential rulings from the US Environmental P... »

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