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IGS Relaunches Educate the Educators Program
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IGS Relaunches Educate the Educators Program

In the 1980s, geosynthetic material development, polymeric research, and wide-scale manufacturing advances helped the field mature quickly. Regulatory support, such as the RCRA Subtitle D rule from the US EPA, contributed significantly to growth and encouraged outside investment. However, a knowledge gap existed because few people in influential positions (lead regulators, policymakers, facility o... »

Soil Stabilization in Colombia
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Strata Launches New Soil Reinforcement Website

Soil reinforcement products specialty company Strata Systems, Inc. has relaunched its website. The reinvigorated design, with an emphasis on images that visually display the complexity in geosynthetic soil reinforcement, is supported by a strong case study library. Key topics include reinforcement in modern landfill design, slope stabilization, highway expansion, wastewater managem... »

IAGI 2015 Installation Awards
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Geosynthetic Installation: 2015 IAGI Award Winners

The International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI) held an awards ceremony in February in conjunction with the Geosynthetics 2015 conference in Portland, Oregon. The biannual gathering include four key awards recognizing different types of achievement in installations and emphasized the core points of quality that the non-profit professional association strives to promote and increase... »

Shale Gas Risk Assessment and Geosynthetics

Shale Gas Risk Assessment and Geosynthetics

Solmax, an international manufacturer of geosynthetic technologies, has published a paper on risk assessment for the shale gas industry and implications for geosynthetics. A version of this case study was presented in February at the Geosynthetics 2015 conference in Portland, Oregon. DOWNLOAD A COPY (via Solmax) Authored by Mathieu Cornellier, P.E., and Daniel Tan, P.E., the paper addresses frac t... »

Kerry Rowe GCL Seminar in Australia
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AUSTRALIA: Rowe Headlines Multi-Component GCL Seminar

Renowned researcher and educator, Dr. R. Kerry Rowe, P.Eng., has been announced as the featured presented during a multi-city seminar tour of Australia. The topic, “Multi-component Geosynthetic Clay Liners,” will feature research, design, and local case studies. DOWNLOAD THE EVENT BROCHURE (PDF) Key topics in the session include landfill applications, water resource management, tailings dams, inte... »

GeoAmericas 2016 Sponsorship Supports Haiti Redevelopment
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GeoAmericas 2016 Sponsorship Supports Haiti Redevelopment

When the 3rd Pan-American Regional Conference on Geosynthetics convenes in Miami in April 2016, it will do so with a truly unique sponsorship program for an engineering conference. Geosynthetics industry companies, through their GeoAmericas 2016 sponsorship, may directly benefit the community of Charlier, Haiti, where geosynthetics will be utilized in a broad social and infrastructure development ... »

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