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Future Nickel Mining

Nickel comes in two types: laterites and sulphides. The latter is deeper in the earth but easier to process. The former is the dominant sort in today's mining, but not by choice. It seems to be the lionshare of accessible deposits right now. Laterite mining is near the surface, but the nickel requires acid leaching, high temperatures and more stringent environmental controls. Learn more here.; »

Post-Mining Creek Restoration

The Maryland Bureau of Mines is tackling a decades-old acid mine drainage problem. The $1.2 million project goal is to transform Bloomington's Aaron Run into a fresh water creek that can sustain fish. The first phase of the work's bid will be awarded soon with a second phase solicited and awarded closer in early 2009. Learn more here.; »

Engineering Demand in Mining

Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper reports that Canada's skyrocketing demand in energy and mining sectors is producing a hard-to-fill order for engineering and technical services. The Canadian mining industry is thought to need 92,000 more professionals by 2017, many of them engineers and engineering technologists. These projects require significant environmental controls, access roads and remediat... »

Mining Cleanup Tax

In Florida, a higher tax will be placed on phosphate companies to encourage quicker closure of former gypsum operations. Florida has a long successful gypsum mining industry, but its environmental legacy is not nearly as admirable. Significant cleanup and capping are required for operations dating back decades. The Ledger article includes an interesting close-up photo of a geomembrane being seamed... »

Mining in Australia

Delegates have gathered in Australia to discuss ways by which the country can manage and sustain its breakneck boom in mining. Resource exploration, environmental stewdardship, and long-term infrastructure development are key topics. Australia's Premier Mike Rann opened the event by noting the mining industry could be a dominant interest for the next 100 years. Learn more here.; »

GeoAmericas Free Papers

geosynthetica's Lara Costa has posted a wrap-up and abstracts from GeoAmericas 2008. These pages deliver conference images, a summary of events and links to free papers from the event (courtesy of IFAI, publisher of the full conference proceedings). Check out Lara's review and the significant conference papers posted here for free. See the links to those pages on the abstracts page. Full proceedin... »

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