50th Anniversary Symposium – Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society

50th Anniversary Symposium - Southeast Asian Geotechnical SocietyThe Thai Geotechnical Society will host the Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society’s 50th Anniversary Symposium. The international event, featuring 35 invitation-only presentations, will be held 14 – 15 September 2017 at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Campus in Bangkok.

The Symposium is jointly organized by the Thai Geotechnical Society and Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society of ISSMGE.



Session 1: Geohazards and Geo-Energy
Chairmen: Prof. Chang Yu Ou & Prof. Dr. Warakorn Mairiang

  • Prof Ikuo Towhata: Earthquake related Geohazards
  • Charles Ng: State-of-the-Art Research in Geo-energy and Geo-Environmental Engineering: Geothermal Pile and Capillary Landfill Cover System
  • Prof. Pedro Pinto The Case of The New Tagus River Leziria Bridge
  • Paulus Rahadjo: Selected Case Histories on Man Made Slope Failures in Indonesia
  • Prof Tahmeed Al-Hussaini: Seismic Hazard Assessment Procedures – Reflection on Bangladesh
  • Prof Lin Der Guy: Evaluating the Efficiency of Subsurface Drainage for Large Landslides in Taiwan

Session 2 Geotechnical Challenge and Geohazards
Chairmen: Dr Chung Tien Chin & Mr. Titi Paveenchana

  • Prof. K.Y. Yong: 50 years of Geotechnical Challenges in Singapore Infrastructure Development
  • Dr Noppodol Phienwej: Geotechnical Engineering Practice 1987 – 2016: Selected Topics
  • Prof. Kazuya Yasuhara( Japan): Climate change-induced compound geo-disasters and their adaptation
  • Dr Pham Giao, N. Phien-wej,, P. Nutalaya and Y. Honjo AIT: Bangkok land subsidence and groundwater recovery: to pump or not to pump.
  • Prof. Louis Ge, Liquefaction-Induced Settlement of Structures on Shallow Foundation

Session 3 Slope Stability
Chairmen: Prof. Fauziah Ahmad & Dr. Apiniti Jotisankasa

  • Dr Suttisak Soralump: The modeling impact of future climate on stability of slopes
  • Prof Hun Jiun Liao: The anchors of anchored slopes in Taiwan
  • Dr Dong Hyun Kim: Applications of image processing to rock slope engineering
  • Suksun Horpibulsuk: Sustainable stabilization of problematic soils
  • Dr Geoff Chao, AIT: Evaluation of Factors Influencing Expansive Soil Embankment Slope Failure
  • Prof Dr. Fauziah Ahmad: The Community Slope Safe Awareness at Bukit Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Session 4 Foundation
Chairmen: Prof. Suched Likitlersuang & Dr. Darren Chen

  • Liew SS “Common Blind spots in Ground Investigation, Design, Construction, Performance Monitoring and Feedbacks in Geotechnical Engineering”
  • Prof San Shyan Lin (AGSSEA Chairman): Finite Element Analysis to Characterize the Lateral Behavior of a Capped Pile Group
  • Hosoi Takeshi : Challenging Technologies of Diaphragm Wall construction
  • Dr. V Balakumar, Min Huang, Erwin Oh & A.S. Balasubramaniam, A Critical and Comparative Study on The 2D and 3D Analyses of Raft and Piled Raft Analyses
  • Prof. Dominic Ong: Detrimental effect of lateral soil movements on pile behaviour

Session 5 Soil Properties
Chairmen: Prof. Takenori Hino & Prof. Paulus Rahadjo

  • Prof Jian Hua Yin: A New Simplified Hypothesis B Method for Calculating Consolidation Settlements of Multiple Layers of Clayey Soils with Creep
  • Suched, Chanaton Surarak, Dariusz and Erwin Oh: Strength and Stiffness Parameters of Bangkok Clays for Finite Element Analysis?
  • TH Seah: Geotechnical Characterization and Properties of Bangkok Clay
  • Dr Darren Chen (NUS): Optimising cement dosage in ground improvement and early quality control schemes

Sessions 6 Ground Improvement
Chairmen: Dr. Suttisak Soralump & Prof San Shyan Lin

  • DT Bergado, AS Balasubramaniam and PV Long: Recent developments of soft ground improvements using prefabricated vertical drains (PVD) and deep cement mixing (DCM)
  • Chu Jian: Recent development in land reclamation and related soil improvement works
  • Prof Takenori Hino: Recent Deep Mixing Developments in Saga Prefecture
  • Gouw Tjie-Liong : Case Study on The Application of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Slope on A Clay Shales Formation
  • Prof. Chiwan Hsieh: Weaving pattern and lateral confinement effects on the engineering behavior of hexagonal wire mesh panels

Session 7 Transportation Geotechnics and Tunneling
Chairmen: Prof. Louis Ge& Prof. Mistsutaka Sugimoto

  • Prof Buddhima Indraratna & Dr. Cholachat: Recent Developments in Transport Geotechnics
  • C.W. Boon and L.H. Ooi: Recent advances in tunneling geotechnics: impact assessments
  • Dr Richard Hwang (Taiwan): Deep Excavations & Tunneling Experience in Taipei.
  • John Endicott: Tunneling Experiences in Hong Kong
  • Prof. Keh-Jian Shou: Trenchless Excavations for Underground Pipelines in Difficult Geology:
  • Prof. Mistsutaka Sugimoto: Recent developments in soft ground tunneling

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