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Geosynthetic Response to Gas Pipeline Explosion
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Geosynthetic Response to Gas Pipeline Explosion

By NAUE Geosynthetics – In the early hours of an October Saturday, a high-pressure gas pipeline exploded in Lithuania’s Širvintos region near the village of Medžiukai. The Lithuanian Emergency Response Facility arrived at the site to discover that more than 75m of pipe length had been destroyed in the blast. The explosion was powerful enough to have left behind a 15m-diameter, 3m-deep hole that ex... »

Strata India Videos Showcase Geocell Advantages

Strata India Videos Showcase Geocell Advantages

Strata Geosystems (India) has launched a series of videos to highlight geocell advantages. The company has helped considerably raise the profile of geocellular confinement systems in the fast-growing Indian infrastructure market. The new series of videos showcase the StrataWeb® geocell advantages in applications including load bearing, slope protection, and retaining walls. The concise videos focu... »

Land and Water Magazine
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Looking back on Geosynthetics in Land and Water, as the Magazine Ends

By Chris Kelsey – In mid-2006 I was providing freelance editorial services for Geosynthetica. At the time, the publication was owned by the geosynthetics engineering consultancy I-CORP International. The consultancy’s founder and president, Ian Peggs, encouraged me to write an article for Land and Water. He was working on a story for Land and Water too. In discussion with Geosynthetica’s Dir... »

12 ICG Bids, 2018 Award Nominations from IGS News
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12 ICG Bids and 2018 Award Nominations Lead IGS News Vol 33, Issue 1

The first of 2017’s three issues of IGS News—the official newsletter of the International Geosynthetics Society—has been released. Two of the highlights include the 2018 call for award nominations and the invitation for chapters to submit bids to host the 12th International Conference on Geosynthetics, which will be held in 2022. While both of these items take a long-term view, they epitomize one ... »

Geohazard Monitoring and Instrumentation Webinar, Part II
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Geohazard Monitoring and Instrumentation Webinar, Part II

The Association of Geohazard Professionals (AGHP) will be present Part II of its Geohazard Monitoring and Instrumention Webinar, featuring Steve Borron, on 16 May 2017 at 2:00 pm (EDT). The hour-long session will focus on “Landslide Examples Showing How Near Real-time TinSAR Data and Movement Trend Analysis Can Decrease Risk.”  Steve Borron is Principle Geologist at Global Slope Monito... »

Upcoming Engineering Webinars from HUESKER
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Upcoming Geosynthetics Engineering Webinars from HUESKER

Webinars have grown significantly in their use for technical knowledge transfer, engineering training, and product and application introduction. HUESKER has been one of the active geosynthetics companies offering engineering webinars. The company is in the middle of a slate of new sessions, all of which are available free to participants. The 30-minute sessions in April and May will focus on irrig... »

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