Drainage Engineering

Road Failure

Water infiltration was likely the cause of a fatal roadway failure in Malaysia. In the Daily Express' most recent write up, an engineer is interviewed about open cuts and proper drainage control. Geosynthetic vertical drains, he notes, are among the solutions that need to be considered in these projects. Learn more here.; »

Higher Ground

Green roof designs are becoming more common in the United States. A CNN technology focus article ("continued" link below) describes this trend in urban architecture, including a note on the market's 80 percent expansion in the past year. Geosynthetics are often vital to sealing, drainage management and soil retention in these constructions. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recen... »

Horsing Around

What does OttoSport do in its design of equestrian arenas to intice the world's best riders to compete in these facilities? They create shock-absorbing foundations with geotextiles, drainage control and sand Learn more here.; »

ASTM Updates

3 New Approved Standards and 1 Work Item (the withdrawl of D276-00a) for this week. »


ASCE G-I Geosynthetics committee is soliciting papers for a mini symposium during GeoDenver 07 under the following theme: Geosynthetics in Cyclic, Seismic, and Dynamic Applications: Lesson Learned. If interested , please forward brief abstract (100 words in PDF format) to Mo Gabr, gabr@eos.ncsu.edu by April 17 2006. Geosynthetic materials are used in many difficult geological conditions as a tool ... »

Residential Drainage

What does one do with poor drainage around a home? WBRZ, News 2, Louisiana knows: Install geotextile-wrapped perforated pipe and clean aggregate in ditches to drain the water. Learn more here.; »

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