Drainage Engineering

Letter Perfect

Pennsylvania's Centre County is engaged in a difficult environmental debate over acid drainage from its Skytop Mountain site. The acid runs from the large pyrite stacks created during road construction. In an opinion letter to the Centre Daily Times, Andrew Sicree calls for calm in the debate, discouraging the fly ash debate and encouraging a more sensible, experience-driven heap-leach design. Int... »

New Era in Malta

Malta is set to develop its second modern landfill as part of a plan to rehabilitate the heavily polluted Maghab site. The nation's first truly engineered landfill, the taz-Zwejra Landfill, utilizes a lining system with textured geomembrane, a geotextile protection liner, a geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) and a leachate drainage system. The new Ghallis ta' Gewwa Landfill will be built in a similar s... »

Everywhere You Look

Geosynthetics have established themselves as vital go-tos on construction sites and in environmental projects throughtout the world. In Grading and Excavation Contractor Magazine, Charles D. Bader writes on the proliferation of the materials, taking a snapshot of applications such as road reinforcement, drainage management, and erosion control. Learn more here.; »

Green Roofs: Pronto in Toronto

The Toronto City Council continues to advance in its "Making Green Roofs Happen" initiative, proposing funding and construction targets for green roofs on new and retrofit buildings. Geosynthetic lining and drainage systems have been vital to the success of many green roof installations. Some cost/benefit numbers can be found in Section 1 of the city's green roof discussion paper. Learn more here... »


Published by Thomas Telford, the latest issue of Geosynthetics International (volume 12 issue 6) contains six technical papers. »


Read NAUE News Issue 24 - June 2005 at the "continued" link below. Features include: 4th German Geosynthetics Colloquium review, national and international projects, articles: Long-term Service Lifetime of Bentofix® GCLs, and Secugrid® Reinforced Soils, as well as a schedule of shows and conferences. »

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