Drainage Engineering

Photo of MnDOT Project Using GSE RoaDrain at Expansion Joints
MN_Roadrain_GSE_a_650w MN_Roadrain_GSE_b_650w MN_Roadrain_GSE_c_650w MN_Roadrain_GSE_d_650w MN_Roadrain_GSE_RoaDrainJD_650w

Improving Drainage at Expansion Joints in Rigid Pavements

By GSE Environmental – Repairing damaged expansion joints in rigid pavements is a costly endeavor. Not only is the cost of the repairs high, but repair projects can go on for miles and shut down vital lanes of traffic important to commuters and local commerce. The primary cause of premature damage is insufficient drainage under rigid pavements. MANAGING EXPANSION JOINTS Expansion joints are partic... »

Photo from Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society 50th Anniversary Symposium Promotion
AIT_ConferenceCentre_SEAGS_650w SEAGS_50th_650w

Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society 50th Anniversary Symposium

The Thai Geotechnical Society will host the Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society’s 50th Anniversary Symposium. The international event, featuring 35 invitation-only presentations, will be held 14 – 15 September 2017 at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Campus in Bangkok. Key topics include transportation geotechnics, slope stability and stabilization technologies, embankment desi... »

Photo of large-scale erosion testing by TRI Environmental, which is researching pullout anchor testing

PODCAST: Pullout Anchor Testing in Erosion and Sediment Control

Jay Sprague of the South Carolina-based Denver Down Research Facility took on a private client’s pullout anchor testing questions with erosion and sediment control systems and components. The results began to yield revealing data on anchor pullout performance, and in a way that has not been previously explored. Listen to “Pullout Anchor Testing in Erosion and Sediment Control” on Sprea... »

A Primer on Soil and Geotextile Filter Design for MSE Walls

MSE Wall Failures vis-à-vis the Lack of Geotechnical Filters

By Dr. Robert M. Koerner – Since 2001, the Geosynthetic Institute has accumulated data on failures of geosynthetic-reinforced mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining walls. Our MSE wall failures database presently has 301 cases, of which 191 (63%) have been caused in whole or part by water within, or adjacent to, the reinforced soil zone. We sincerely hope that our past writings and webinars... »

Photo of low impact development engineering by LimnoTech
LimnoTech_MedinaPodcast_650w LimnoTech_MedinaPodcast_b_650w

PODCAST: Leap Frog Ideas for Low Impact Development

How do we create a more water-centric infrastructure? That’s a question LimnoTech senior engineer Dr. Daniel Medina, P.E., D.WRE addresses in his work. Low impact development strategies are very important to his work. It’s trickier than just saying “use LID,” though. Inequalities between cities and countries make is harder for some infrastructure strategies to get adopted. Priorities are different... »

Photo of Hydraulic Engineering by Maccaferri
HydraulicWorkshop_Maccaferri_650w HydraulicWorkshop_Maccaferri_b_650w HydraulicWorkshop_Maccaferri_c_650w

Hydraulic Engineering Solutions Seminar, July 14

Waterways are dynamic environments. Strong hydraulic engineering solutions are needed to create resilient infrastructures that minimize environmental impact, control costs, and provide long-term performance. On July 14, Maccaferri will host  an exclusive breakfast seminar (7:30 am – 11:00 am) in Gaithersburg, Maryland focused on the application and design of hydraulic solutions. The seminar is fre... »

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