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Drainage and Venting of Geosynthetic Containment Systems

JOBS: Varicore Seeks Drainage Systems Sales Consultant

Varicore Technologies, headquartered in Minnesota, is the manufacturer of the internationally distributed Multi-Flow Drainage Systems. The company seeks to add another sales consultant to support the continued growth of its drainage systems portfolio. These systems are used to improve the performance and dependability of athletic fields, civil engineering, commercial and residential construction, ... »

Desludging Wastewater Ponds Using Geotextile Dewatering Bags
Dewatering_Fibertex_Fig1_650w Dewatering_Fibertex_Fig2_650w Dewatering_Fibertex_Fig3_650w Dewatering_Fibertex_Fig5_650w Dewatering_Fibertex_Fig6_650w

Desludging Wastewater Ponds Using Geotextile Dewatering Bags

By Johnny Oriokot, Donovan Bate, and Gerard Dirks – When wastewater treatment ponds reach their capacity, the options available are either to build new or empty existing facilities. These ponds must be desludged to make available additional space for waste. Strict environmental regulations in wastewater treatment, though necessary, can complicate carrying out functional upgrades to a facility. Her... »

Presto Geosystems Releases a Porous Pavement Design Assistant

Presto Geosystems Releases a Porous Pavement Design Assistant

Porous pavement solutions have drawn considerable interest in communities for the green engineering benefits they provide. Porous pavements can greatly reduce stormwater runoff by enabling a high infiltration or percolation rate of water into underlying soils. The permeability of these systems can also trap suspended solids, thus filtering them out of any residual runoff so water that is shed is c... »

MENA Nonwovens Symposium and Exhibition

MENA Nonwovens Symposium Offers Prominent Geotextiles Session

When the international nonwovens association Edana convenes its 2018 MENA Nonwovens Symposium and Exhibition, it will do so with a prominent geotextiles program. The event, to be held at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Dubai February 6 – 7, includes a geotextiles session moderated by International Geosynthetics Society Past President Daniele Cazzuffi (CESI, Italy). MENA NONWOVENS – GEOTEXTILE ... »

Video: Pambula Merimbula Uses Diamond Grid for Access Road

Surface Stabilization Needs Drive Diamond Grid Growth in South America

Polymeric-based, surface stabilization grids have attracted a lot of interest around the world. For stabilization system manufacturer Diamond Grid International, South America has become one of the fastest growing regions of use for its materials. Diamond Grid is utilized in a wide range of sectors in need of surface stabilization solutions, such as trail building, mining, agriculture, landscaping... »

Diverting Surface Water from Contaminated Spoils - Concrete Canvas
AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_b_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_c_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_d_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_e_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_f_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_g_650w AvocaMines_Ireland_ConcreteCanvas_Slider

Diverting Surface Water from Contaminated Spoils at a Former Mine

In June 2017, Concrete Canvas® Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat (CC GCCM) was used to line a series of drainage channels at a remediated mining site in Wicklow, Ireland. The channels were engineered to divert surface water around the former contaminated spoils zones. The site had an extraordinarily long history of mining, with copper mining activities having been reported as far back as 172... »

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