Containment Geosynthetics

The Next Big Thing?

According to Iceland Review, borehole samples in Iceland indicate that gold may be mined there. Studies are on-going as to whether the gold content in the rock is significant enough to justify and pay for the processing. Geosynthetic containment systems have become vital to controlling mining-related pollution while creating efficiencies in the processing system: product is not lost. Learn more he... »

ASTM Updates

3 New Approved Standards and 1 Work Item (the withdrawl of D276-00a) for this week. »


ASCE G-I Geosynthetics committee is soliciting papers for a mini symposium during GeoDenver 07 under the following theme: Geosynthetics in Cyclic, Seismic, and Dynamic Applications: Lesson Learned. If interested , please forward brief abstract (100 words in PDF format) to Mo Gabr, by April 17 2006. Geosynthetic materials are used in many difficult geological conditions as a tool ... »

The Hazardous Waste Industry

A report from BCC Research indicates that the hazardous waste remediation market will expand to $16.6 billion by 2011. Technologies for containment, separation and recycling offer considerable growth. Read BCC's press release for more information. Learn more here.; »

Another Form of Protection

One of the primary functions of a geotextile is protection, such as for a geomembrane. The strength of the fabric has brought it to another realm for protection, though: demolition. Geotextiles are wrapped around key blast points at demolition sites to contain the outward throw of debris, as demonstrated by a project in Oregon. Learn more here.; »

Water World

The Business Standard, an English-language publication in India, reports that water management is set to become a boom field. With the country's industrial and municipal infrastructures expanding quickly, modernization is inevitable and necessary. Canal, reservoir and industrial containment linings are just some of the products in need. Learn more here.; »

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