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Film Tearing Bond (FTB): Going, Going, But Not Quite Gone

Film Tearing Bond (FTB): Going, Going, But Not Quite Gone

The term "Film Tearing Bond (FTB)" for qualifying welded geomembrane seams essentially disappeared from the waste containment sector several years ago, but it still remains in the potable water sector. Ian Peggs, I-CORP INTERNATIONAL, authors a tech note proposing "that we forever banish FTB." »

Geoelectric Leak Location

Ian Peggs, I-CORP INTERNATIONAL, asks the question "Does geoelectric leak location work?" His answer? "Yes." »

Engepol Announces the Addition of Black and White Geomembrane

Engepol is pleased to announce the addition of their new black and white color geomembrane in our product line. This black and white color geomembrane enables easy and fast damage detection in the site. It was created to attend the client requirements to different applications i.e. storage reservoirs, shrimp farm, aquaculture. The Engepol geomembranes are manufactured from prime high molecular wei... »

Water Is Abundant, But Poorly Contained

The Environmental News Network (ENN) reports that the world faces less of a water shortage than it does proper water system management. This includes a need to fix leaking pipes and to utilize containment technologies such as barriers for conserving water in canals and reservoirs. Poor management means that 40 to 60 percent of water fails to reach the intended consumers. Learn more here.; »

Spark testing of geomembranes - I-CORP International
SparkTesting_PeggsICORP_2006_a_500w SparkTesting_PeggsICORP_2006_b_500w SparkTesting_PeggsICORP_2006_c_500w

Geomembrane Spark Testing and Difficult Installation Points

"When asked what voltage setting was used to perform spark testing on a pipe penetration weld the operator said “Dunno, I just turned it to the max as stated in the instructions”! This is just the right way to miss leaks, as happened..." Ian Peggs of I-CORP INTERNATIONAL takes a look at what is occurring during spark testing. »

Landfill Design, Simplified

David D'Souza, writing for the Goa, India-based Herald, discusses modern, double-lined landfill design but in plain language. He explains the importance of geosynthetic systems, including drainage and containment, and he does it all with easily understandable comparisons, such as geomembrane liners and bathtubs. His succinctly answered questions and plain language demonstrate one way engineers mig... »

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